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Sui Mai

That sounds just sooooo good... any chance for recommendations for curry mee in HK?? Maybe his friend whom he learnt it from?


will be back in KL for Xmas. Planning a trip to s17.


That curry mee looks amazing! I thought the one in PJ New Town opposite the Menara MPPJ was good, but now will definitely be off to Section 17 when I'm next back in town.


Bobbie, I thought every KL-er alive knew abt Section 17 curry mee. This is one of the few places that we have been to more than once ... and I made myself hungry doing this post!

Phiz - you go girl!

Sui Mai - will try to find out relative's shop's details for you.

Pat Wong

Thanks Robyn for the post. I am a curry mee addict and will be sure to head straight to Hong Seng the moment I step off the plane when I visit In January.


Mouth-watering. Will definitely visit it the next time I'm back. Have you tried the one at the Section 14 Glutton Square? Serves Assam Laksa as well. There's a pretty decent Char Kuey Teow in the same square as well.


Oh wwowwwww... you take excellent photos!
Lots of great food in that area.
Next door (across the road) the coffeeshop sells great very nice wantan mee with good charsiew... and across the square there's another place that sells EXCELLENT charsiew... drool drool...


I have been eating at this stall for years and I can say that I have not tasted better curry mee else where. The stall used to be in another shop but moved to its present location across Southern Bank about 2 - 3 years ago.

The stall is closed on Mondays and usually Tuesdays too. Some weeks it's open only from Thursday till Sunday.

Apart from the delicious food, the owners are extremely fussy about hygiene and cleanliness, which is a plus point. They are also very proud of the quality of the ingredients they use. That's why the food tastes so good!!!


His curry while fresh and tasty is however more towards the medium to mild range. Perhaps u could try La Manila's minty spicy version in Mid Valley, KL ( even tho Malls r not your cup of tea ! ) which I consider heavy and strong, and more suited to Malaysian palates. Then u would have experienced the bests of the bests of curry mee !


umm... it taste so well... i have try it.. it's reli taste good... cum and try it.. u will like it... Is DELICIOUS.... Is the best curry mee in the world...

Kong Kah Keen

The curry laksa taste very good .This laksa is very special from all the curry laksa.i dont like to eat curry but i know this curry is very nice

Chris Seah

Hi Robyn,

I'm going to be in PJ next weekend and am planning to check this out. Realised that this posting is in 2006. Is this shop still in business in the same location?




Still in the same place, but if on a weekend be sure to get there early, like by 10am latest. Also - sometimes he just doesn't open w/out warning. But the pan meen at the corner coffee shop at the opposite end of the same row, or the char siew and duck liver sausage at Weng Kee coffee shop exactly opposite across the square (corner shop), are fine consolation prizes.

Steven Chia

Recently they just disappeared from that coffee shop. I've been eating thus curry Nee since 1998. Wonder where have they gone? Please do let me know. I miss the so much.

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