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Lightning strike. You're moving dangerously into British Rail territory with your excuses...


You use a slide scanner? Does this mean you take photos with manual SLRs? I thought I was the only person still left behind in this digital age!

I'm sorry to hear about the lightening strike. I love your photos. They are wonderful and striking in every post. Hope to see you back soon!

Bee @ Rasa Malaysia

Sorry to hear that Robyn..such a bummer. I hope you get back online soon.


awww sorry to hear about your misfortune. my friend who works in one of those IT shop in low yat plaza told me that their sales during the monsoon season usually surge due to lightning strikes. do unplug all your appliances and equipment during thunderstorm.


If it's any consolation (and, if you didn't know already) there's a write-up on you, Eating Asia and dining out in KL in the Jan 07 issue of Olive Magazine (UK edition). They didn't really recommend any of the best eateries but it's good to be noticed. I'll see if I can scan it in and e-mail it to you if you like.


Wow. That's harsh. I'm really sorry to hear about this.


Too bad. Its been sort of a ritual for me to visit your site everytime I log on. Does this mean I'll have to be content with seeing your current posting for the coming days/weeks/months?


Thanks everyone for your expressions of support! Pls direct donations for repair of the scanner too ..... just kidding! ;-)

magpie - I swear it! and I will have the receipt from Nikon repair to prove it!

Rose - you are not alone! We though *we* were the only dinosaurs left using film.

An external modem has solved our connectivity problems but we are waiting on slides to be scanned for us. Another or two.

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