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Reminds me of the time the stupid Asian Wall Street Journal asked its readers to decide: which was Asia's best Food City: HK or Singapore. HK or Singapore? Seriously?

Bee@Rasa Malaysia

Only five? That is not possible! I'd say at least 50 to do justice to the tastiest eats in KL. LOL!

By the way Robyn, have you tried the Ikan Panggang plus Sotong Portuguese style (wrapped in aluminum foil) in Petaling Street? It's tucked in this dark corner...it's the best thing ever! But the last time I was in KL and it was closed. :(


Congrats on the article and Dave's pixs! Must look out for that issue with an eagle eye as I'm sure it will be sold out once it hits the KL bkshops.


Whatever suits your fancy ma'am.We'll support you on your choice.Really,they are stretching things a bit too far isn't it?


Thanks all!

Phiz - I know what you mean. Sing and Hong Kong ... is there any contest? Hong Kong wins of course and I know you'll agree! ;-)

Bee - I did try that fish/sotong on my first visit to KL 3+ years ago and I agree it's yummy. Haven't been back since though; thanks for reminding me, we should check it out.


And many, many thanks for working on this Robyn. Hope your receive mag an payment soon. Mags went out today, or so I'm told.

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