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i totally agree with ur comments about KL..it becoming souless and empty. but try googling around Kampung Baru. i think it has his own charm....


Wow! What an amazing array of photos. Seems like the Indian community is well represented there. Love the picture of the mangoes. Nostalgia!!


Beautifully written, and an excellent argument for the continued touting of the mom & pop, hole-in-the-wall, real locales. I applaude you.

- Chubbypanda


your blog really is the most wonderful advertisement for Malaysia. It cheers the heart, especially after reading a miserable article in the SCMP this morning about some Malay-Chinese furore over a monument put up to honour "communists", according to the Malays, "patriotic freedom fighters" according to the Chinese.


Good for you...make the discoveries and enjoy it while you still can isn't it? Consider what you would have discovered if you had come here ten years before.


Thanks all. It's good to be back!

osh - we like Kg Baru a lot. See May archives for a post on the area. Lots more to explore there, and we nNeed to get back at nighttime.

phiz - I'm still waiting to get a call from the tourism bureau. ;-) Malaysia is great, no doubt about it, silly political squabbles aside.

Jem - I would have loved to have known KL 10 yrs ago (even better, 20)! But it's still a great place to be ... and there's so much of it we still don't know.


still remember me? anyway being busy with work :(
just want to wish you merry xmas and happy new year.

Keep update the blog. happy food hunting :)


Thanks Fong, same to you! Yes, updates should be more regular ... though our slide scanner is still in the repair shop. :-( Happy holidays to you!


hi! i followed a link from the girl who ate everything's blog. your photos are beauts. so many of us enjoy neighborhoods like you depict and not the big shopping malls and chain restaurants that city planners think we want. have you ever thought of offering your services as a KL tour guide? ;~)


Merry Christmas! Hope we have enough in Malaysia to keep you from being homesick! :)


Its great that your eating blog sees things from a slightly different perspective, as in other interesting( supporting ) things around what I will refer to as the main course. Like a photo essay or documentary which is quite nice really !


tokyorosa - welcome! and thanks for the compliment. Frankly I'm not sure too many tourists would be esp interested in the things we are .... nor would they be willing to wait 10 minutes before every meal while the photographer gets all his shots in! ;-)

bayi - over Xmas wknd we sampled a couple new (to us) Hokkien dishes, observed food preparations for a Malay engagement ceremony (and sampled the results - yum!), attended a Xmas open house, and enjoyed a fine nasi lemak and assam laksa. Homesick? Not a chance!

tonixe - thanks - we love to eat but feel the context is as important and interested as (as you put it) the main course. Food is fine, food culture is even better. Happy New Year to you!


no way.. I for one would be absolutely thrilled to join any tour group that you guys lead. Put the word out, I bet there's a real business in it for you.
PS I notice that tourism.gov.my is being advertised (google adwords) but would you believe, the site's been down the last two days. Tsk tsk. Keep up the great job - I'm sure the government site doesn't have a patch on eatingasia *grin*


Came across your site from another blog. Great pics! I used to go to school in Sentul (SM Convent Sentul, primary school too!). This brought back so many memories. I am now living in Norway and missing M'sian food! Keep up the good work. :)


Amazing pictures with wonderful color.

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