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Sorry for this being a lame comment, but I love that photo of purple and green fruit - what kind of fruit is that?


Jack, there is no such thing as a lame comment. Thanks for wading through the my drivel.

The fruit is a sugar apple (Annona squamosa), serikaya in Malay. It's called chirimoya/cherimoya in Guatamala, sweetsop in Jamaica, sharifa or sitaphal in India, mang cau la in Cambodia, fanli chi in China, qua na in Vietnam (according to Tate's 'Tropical Fruit of Thailand').

It's related to the custard apple (Annona reticulata) which is available in the States (at least, I used to buy it in N CA). Both fruits have a whitish, soft and fleshy pulp which envelopes a load of shiny dark brown seeds. Very sweet and fragrant, almost milky, much like - custard.
A really delicious fruit. Here they come grey/green and red/green.


Well said Robyn! The Bangsar night market has been around since the mid/late 80s.

The cherimoya is also called buah nona in M'sia. Didn't realise it was a sugar apple, always thought it was a custard apple.


Go, Robyn!

Actually, the sugar apple name listed for Cambodia doesn't look like a Khmer name. It looks closer to another Vietnamese term for the fruit, "mang cau ta." I've always heard "tiep baay" as the Khmer term.


Shiewie - OK, I am doubly pissed off, now that I know the night market has been in the old location for going on 2 decades!

Karen - yep, it seems to be the week for Asia bloggers to rant. Thanks for the correction.


WHY would they do that? Progress and hygiene be damned - it does sounds like it has more to do with greed and avarice if you ask me.

If they'd done the same thing to my local SS2 pasar malam, I'd be ready to weep. That place and its culinary offerings haunt my sleep when I'm in Australia, no kidding!


Wow, thats quite a rant there! Would could have been done to save that place? I guess nobody would have the correct answer. Well, time to find a new place to haunt.


I am with you Robyn! I was there last week and was so upset to find so many familiar vendors missing. Bangsar's Pasar Malam is my favourite and now, if last week's offering is anything to go by, it is a pale pale shadow of what it was. Today was the launch of Bangsar Village II. I was there during lunch time. My gawd, pathethic. Many shops are not opened yet; however I took at look at the tenants list. Same old soul-less offerings. Don;t think I will be interested at all to drop by in future. I think Bangsar Village II made a stupid move, if they are behind in getting rid of the pasar malam. The crowd will be gone.


Bloody **** I can't believe this!!! I was a Bangsar resident for many years and do my shopping in that very pasar malam and the morning market (every wednesday I think). Like you said, the Bangsar pasar malam is the real pasar malam. Nothing comes close. DBKL shoudl learned their mistake from the stupid Jolly Green Giant - which they built 10 years ago to house the group of street warungs - they lost the ambience. I dread to think what I'll find in bangsar when I go back this summer *cringing*

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