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Aung Kyaw

The food looks very delicious. It's no wonder Yeechaw's Burmese dishes are excellent. After all, she's from Moulmein, which is known throughout Burma for having the best food. The khauk swe thoke looks especially tasty. I've never had it with fried tofu pieces.

By the way, it would be nice if someone told her that the wrong Chinese character is used for "Myanmar" on her sign board. It's supposed to be 緬甸 (miǎndiàn), not 緬旬 (miǎnxún). :) Maybe there's confusion in Chinatown.


Hiya Robyn,

Fab post and beautiful pictures and thanks for the credit! BUT, I got one dish name wrong, because I misunderstood your description of the belacan. From the picture, the fishy dip is actually called "ngapi yay jo" rather than "ngapi jaw" (the latter is a stir-fry of pounded salted fish or shrimps, chilli, garlic and onions which is eaten similarly with crudites or with plain rice).

"Ngapi" means literally "pressed fish" ("Nga" = fish, "Pi" = "pressed") and pretty much is the same as the Thai bplaa raa - it's little fish that's been salted and pressed so its juices run out and then left to ferment in earthenware pots for days until it absolutely reeks. To make the actual dip, the resulting gloop is boiled with a little water, chilli and garlic and then has coriander scattered on top.

Sounds foul I know, but it's dead tasty though.


Drumsticks are also found in the Malayalam (i.e. Keralan) vegetable dish called aviyal. The leaves, called malunggay leaves, are beloved in the Philippines and can be found in many different dishes.

In the glorious food city of Puebla at the moment. Heading to Xalapa tonight. Then Xico, eventually Zongolica.


Ohh... very interesting! I would love to have a taste! I know nothing about cuisine of Myanmar. We have some Thai and Vietnamese eating places here in my town, but nothing from Myanmar. Tell her to open up a branch in Indonesia! :D

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