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"Tire about reading places like this"? Are you serious? In fact, couldn't get enough of it. Sort of an eye opener on things that have become rather mundane to the eyes of the old.

Keep doing what you do best!

Tze How

Good day. Wow, looks great and certainly a big bowl of noodles.

I have some more infor on the Sarawak kolo mee. I tried last weekend and this version is most close to Kuching version.

Try it out if you free. This time I note down the address (hope i get it right :P)
Restaurant Strawberry,
Puchong Jalan Puteri,
Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong.

Again, really really feels satisfying after read your blog. Keep updating!


Lovely pics of "behind-the-food"!


I would never tire of reading your posts! Keep 'em coming! (my only problem is my envy at the fact that you get to explore and enjoy such great eateries and meals...)


Before reading and looking at this post I was absolutely full, no hunger whatsoever, and now I just want to take the next plane over to you to eat - you've done it again!


Tired? No. This is one of many reasons I love your blog. It's one of my faves.


Today is officially the most depressing day of the year in England - where do I turn to, to lift that depression? You have succeeded yet again in transporting me for to places I'd love to go to and food I'm slavering for.


If, as they say, Marco Polo discovered noodles in China then clearly he discovered the hand-crank pasta machine in Malaysia. This is exactly how proper tagliatelle is made.


I don't think readers would much prefer stories on another Starbucks branch. Kudos to both you and Dave for giving us an access to these wonderful gems which remind us of our roots untouched by the ever-changing cyber/technological world we now live in.


Many claim that Ulu Yam's lor mee is the best anywhere !

But I would recommend u 2 more must-tries similar yet no less slurpy noodle versions in

Yong Peng, Johore
Kg Koh, Sitiawan

happy eating !


Tire of reports about good mom & pops? Never!

I live an area where mom & pops have to struggle daily against the relentless encroachment of corporate eateries. It does my heart good to read about small, family-run eateries that have been around for generations and evoked rich memories of childhood summers in Taiwan.

Thanks and keep it up!


Tire of stories like this?

Absolutely not.

You make me want to book a flight to Asia right now.

Ever travel/eat in the Philippines?


Thanks everyone - we just love doing these kinds of posts so we're glad to know there's an audience.

Tze How and ToniXe, thanks for the recommendations. They go on our list of 'must-trys' which, by the way, is impossible long given that there are only 3 meals in the day.

magpie -- interesting. ;-) I never saw one of these machines in China though when we were there I wasn't quite as fixated on food. Lots of handmade noodles there though.

Mags -- in fact, we are headed to Manila next wk for 9 days of food, photography, and 'research' (it's a rough job but somebody's gotta do it). We're very excited. Stay tuned! And send along recommendations, if you like.

Rasa Malaysia

KL's loh mee does seem a little different from Penang's, but the fact that the noodles are hand-made, I believe you can't find it anywhere in Penang.


No way! I only hope that I'll be lucky enough to visit some of these joints myself.


To answer the rhetorical with the rhetorical, do we tire of the intrepid adventures of our fellow foodies in a faraway land?

Keep up the excellent work, and I hope you publish a book soon!!!


I never tire of fresh noodle stories - it makes me very driven to get to KL sooner. Look forward to coverage from Manila - I'm intrigued by Philipino food, but literally know nothing about it.


Fantastic post, please keep them coming!


Your photos are so incredible!
Each one is a work of art, composition, light, everything.
I'm not fond of traveling but I love to travel in front of your blog.

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