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Happy New Year, Robyn and David! May 2007 bring you good health, happiness, and much good food!


Robyn and David,

That explanation from Juney about why he repeatedly reminded the children you were Americans really hit home for me, too. Obviously, it was more than English that was being taught that day.

We needs more Juneys in the world.

Happy New Year.


This is a first time post, but the nature of the entry has prompted me to write...

I'm glad that your story shows to your readers that for every nutter out there, there are many more decent, sane individuals who preach what their religious belief systems actually teach.

And keep up the good work on the food stuff (as well). I never fail to drool over the copy and the photos!


Well said.

Happy New Year!

- Chubbypanda


Hard to believe that there are sharp and decent people in the village. sharper and more intellect than those who live in the so called capital of the country.
great post


Those who call themselves "modern" and "civilized" just because they live in the urban areas are more prone to do more uncivilized destruction than those who live peacefully in the village. We need more tolerance and understanding on earth, I agree. And I think you have done a wonderful start in you part, as your blogs brings people of different nationalities together :)

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