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Lyrical Lemongrass

Your photographs are gorgeous. Food looks good enough to eat off the screen, although that would probably be disastrous! I'm a big fan of palkova and am definitely gonna track this place down.


The shop looks wonderful. Everything about it looks just right, from the wooden display case, to the stainless steel container holding the barfi.
It is slightly humbling to realize that Mr Lal has been quietly making and selling indian sweets long before many of us were born, and certainly long before any of us could spell 'entrepreneur'.
Hurrah to the Mr Lals of Malaysia.


I'm not familiar with this confection, but it sure looks good. I might have just passed the sign right by, given what the name sounds like in English...


LL - thanks for the compliment!

ELE - I couldn't have (and didn't) put it better myself.

Tammy - yep, too bad about the unfortunate resemblance to the English colloquialism for 'vomit'. The resemblance ends there though, I can assure you!

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