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Oh my goodness. I just had lunch 5 minutes ago and am hungry again looking at the irresistable lontong. See also i know it's good!


Is ayam always more expensive than daging in KL? It's so different from the UK where chicken is the cheaper stuff!


Ivy - yeah, kinda made myself hungry doing that post.... ;-)

Su-Lin - depends, but I think beef is usually more expensive. Truth be told I don't pay a lot of attention to prices as places like this bec. they are so low. I should probably make it a habit to do so, though. Some readers want to know.


I wish I know how to make Lontong. Until I do, I'll just reference your delightfully delectable plate of lontong topped with beef rendang!


gosh! tht lontong w kuah kacang and sambal sotong is making me miss home. :( hhmm how come i dont see 1/4 or 1/2 hard-boiled egg in the lontong? thank u for sharing the pixs. btw, this is my 1st time commenting on ur blog. :)

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