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Looks delectable:) And I'm happy my parents only have a small dog who simply cannot jump too high (she's also 15 years old by now, so we it's pretty safe to leave tasty morsels on the work top:)


They look like Seremban siew bao but the variety from Seremban, which is franchised all over the city, do not contain lotus seeds. Rather, they contain green peas and taste just as yummy. But you are right. The lotus seed ingredient makes the siew bao special and is worth blogging. The Seremban siew bao costs about RM1.00 to RM1.10 each and the higher price for the lotus variety must be because of that special ingredient. I haven't tasted the lotus type and look forward to this experience.


I guess you'll just have to go back to Petaling Street again. I'd love to see you post about what it looks like around Chinese New Year.


how are you guys not incredibly fat, with all this irresistible eating?


Pille - lucky you! Our hound has proven her ability to find food almost anywhere it's hidden!

bayi - I've had seremban siew bao, both in seremban and here. I like 'em, but I think these are nice .... just a bit more subtle in terms of sweetness. Give 'em a try and see what you think!

Nate - will try to. Though much of the New Year's decorations up now have been there since last New Year's! We did a Ctown New Year post - google 'EatingAsia Chinatown KL Eatabout'.

phiz - our secret is called sweat, and buckets of it, in the gym. For some strange reason we actually enjoy it. Maybe bec we look forward to the rip-roaring appetite a good workout conjures up!


The char siew bao must be tasted very yummy, even the dog know to enjoy it. I must go there and try it out.


Haha, sounds alot like the Seremban siew pau (crispy pork bun). There's a stall in SS2 (next to an Ampang Yong Tau Foo restaurant), PJ where the older sibling has been operating it for many years, if I'm not mistaken ...while the younger sister is based in a coffee shop next to the old Lim Kok Wing college in Taman SEA, PJ.

Their paos are excellent too! =)

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