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Ohhh, you've started *such* a craving for nga ku chips! The vendors who make the best chips charge a pretty penny for them. We tried our hand at making our own chips at home. Definitely cheaper, but peeling them is a lot of work.


Home made ones are the best! Thought care must be taken when frying them as they 'brown' really fast.

Lyrical Lemongrass

I am fond of the really thin slices of nga-ku, lightly salted, but I notice that a lot of people like the thick-cut version, so there are some stalls which sell them slightly thicker. Never knew they were called duck potatoes; my lesson for the day, I guess.


Chinese New Year is certainly round the corner when we see this being sold. Yes, it is strangely addictive too.

Steven K's (curry mee stall in Section 17) wife makes wonderful ngah ku. And her stock's limited!


Ooh, I did cooked some of these last month with stir fry beef. I did not know they are called "chi gu" and not "nga ku" ? A benevolent mushroom sounds much better than a darn fungi hehe :) They do really taste like a cross hybrid of potatoes & waterchesnuts. Wow, they're frolicking all over the chinese markets here in So California, its seasonal till end of winter time, and people are buying them for Chinese New Year. I'm very tempted to try the chips version, never thought of that, thanks a bunch, cheers ! :)


"Chi gu" is a smaller version of "ngar gu" similar in taste.

While ngar gu looks like a water-chestnut, chi gu looks like a tiny yam about 2cm long as thick as our fingers resembling baby boy's penis (chi gu ding).

We stew chi gu with pork and lam yuu (red fermented beancurd). We can't make chips with chi gu as they are too small.

Ngar gu chips is not something new,
my grandmother used to make them and
that was more 40 years ago. Somehow it
was forgotten until recently.


where I can get this bloody nga ku?

Home maker

Can somebody tell me why everytimes i fried nga ku chip and at centre part still soft and outside already become brown color.Is it oil to hot ? oil not enough more ? The fire of gas oven already make it slow also same.Is it need to dry it under hot sun? Because when i slide it by using slide tool,its still wet.Anybody can help ?

nga ku expert

i think your nga ku chips are too thick. try slicing thinner slices and keep in the fridge for a day before frying. This way, the excess water will be removed and your chips will be crisp and nice. Works for me, hope it does for you too

Carol Koh

We fried the Nga Ku and it is brown. We went to Malacca for a holiday and one of the shops near temple street sold Nga Ku and the chips are "white" and crispy.

Appreciate advice on how to achieve the "white" texture?


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