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Rasa Malaysia

Congratulations, that's a very cool gig! Too bad I am too far away, but I guess I will be able to read it on your blog, albeit a few weeks after the newstand, but I won't even notice it, will I? ;)


That's great! And I'm happy that you are allowed to 'reprint' it here so that I can read your column and see the pics as well!


Hi! Congratulations on your excellent gig :) I follow KLue from time to time (not a KLite though) since coming home.

Excellent article (i wouldn't call it rant ;)) about the relocation of the night markets. You posed some valid concerns. I have noticed many of the cities have changed; both for the better and worse (although personally i feel it's the latter).

For example, Penang is progressively losing its heritage identity to poor renovation work (there are some which are exception to the rule; kudos to them).

Many of friends who came to visit our cities remarked how few old, unique buildings remain. "Looks a bit too much like home".

Anyway, thus endth my rant ;)


Congratulations on scoring the gig Robyn and Dave! I couldn't think of anyone more deserving - you certainly do the Malaysian food scene justice, so kudos!

I'm not back home at the moment, so I'm just going to have to be content with reading your column, no matter if it's a few weeks late =)


Congrats on the gig. I look forward to reading/seeing your work!

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