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Doddie from Korea


I see a lot of old friends and distant relatives in your pics (yeah the tattoed guy I think is one of them). Mom mentioned you love Baccalao. I just posted the pictorial recipe on eGullet.


Hope you can fix it soon.



Thanks for your description of bulungan - I've never heard of the practice (I'll have to ask my parents if they've ever heard of it), so this was very fascinating.


So interesting!! I've never heard of this practice either, you really do learn something new everyday.


Hello, back to my years in the Philippines,i have worked in a fishing company as a bookkeeper and i have once or twice been to Navotas Fish Market (Bagsakan) is where fresh catched fish is unloaded. I like the way the pictures was taken it is fun to see the tradional practice while in some developed countries like here in France, i got a chance to see one that is electronically bidded by the buyer!
Thanks for sharing!


Doddie, thanks! So many Philippine dishes, so few meals....

Ed, Christine, relly59 - we're a sucker for these kind of traditional market practices. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Beth Loggins

Wow, absolutely fascinating!


Hello there, can you help me find contact address or phone number of CMF fishing Coproration in Malabon where my father worked as a chief mate for atleast 20 years, and Monalinda fishing Company in Navotas, because my brother works for Monalinda but we have no contact with him for years now.

Getty Images Representatives Philippines

Well, this are the common happenings in the market. Great photography and nice pictures.

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