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Fulltime Mom

Try their cookies, they are beautiful. To bad they are no longer in Bangsar. Must make a trip to Ikano one of these days to try their wares at the cafe.


Thanks for uncovering this unique find! Too bad about the Bangsar pasar malam but they'll probably do better business at IPC.


Thanks for the update that they're no longer at Bangsar Vilage.

Well, the bright side is that their bread is more accessible now at any Just Life store...and not just on Sundays.


*sigh* There are precious few artisan bakers left in the States. Maybe I need to move to Malaysia.


Fulltime mom - we're trying to stay away from the cookies. ;-) Mustaffa told us on Sunday that one of their biggest sellers at the vegan cafe are the cinammon rolls.

Nate - it is unique. Their breads are far better than any I've found here, including the every popular 'artisan' brand.

Shiewie - artisan European-style breads aren't sold at Just Life. You have to special order.

Chubbypanda - the San Francisco Bay Area is crawling with artisan bakers. It's there that we developed our love of handcrafted, European-style breads. Maybe you need to start mail-ordering. :-)


Is there a minimum order before they'll entertain my special order for artisan European-style breads?


Good recipes and very nice photo!!!

Bye from italy
Italian cakes and food:


Simply the best!!!


Any idea how much the breads are Robyn? Thanks in advance ...


Hi Robyn and all,

Thank you for your support :-)
We are now at www.whitebrickoven.com and some of our breads are sold in Jasons Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre http://www.jasonsfoodhall.com.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5

Best regards,
Mardia and Mustaffa

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