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WOW! This looks so good!

Thanks for your blog and these wonderful pictures - you're both teaching me so much about food in Asia!

BatJay, Ang Dating Hippopotamus

makes me want to come home just to get a taste of lechon and laing again.

great post.


I've not had lechon before but it looks like Chinese-style roast pork to me. What are the differences in flavor or preparation?

That grilled stuffed squid looks and sounds awesome!


Nate, the roast pork we've had here in Malaysia has had a sort of thicker skin, a bit more crackling. The skin on this lechon was very thin, crispy and shard-like .... sort of like a Chinese style whole roast suckling pig. Yet lechon is made with mature pigs (there's one behind Lydia).

I also forgot to mention that Philippine pork rind (chicharron) is really out of this world!

Bat Jay, thanks, that means a lot coming from a Filipino!

CW - you're welcome.


Continuing to hugely enjoy the way you write and describe food. And thank you for the mouth watering photos too!


I enjoy reading your food adventures. Salamat for sharing. The pictures are awesome.


hope you try ilonggo food here in the islands of Negros & Panay in your next visit.


What a wonderful blog you write (and photograph)! From one chowhound to another: it makes me hunger to follow in your footsteps, not just through the cities and villages of other countries, but even to re-visit corners of my native Philippines that I had taken for granted.

And yes, while I do think that Lydia's Lechon is not bad, I much prefer Lechon Family's Cebuano style for a big pig, i.e., 12kg and up. Unfortunately, you'll have to order it a day in advance and have it delivered to you, which may be a bit tricky if you're staying at a hotel. But, if you have an opportunity, do give it a try. My recommendation comes from years of trial and error--and having food-obsessed friends and family in the Philippines. The phone numbers of Lechon Family are 63-2-7249353 & 7259342. If you want to check out more pork, Casa Armas does a very good Fil-Hispanic suckling pig in a restaurant setting, tel. 63-2-5235763.

Before your next trip to Manila, check out my post on the Chowhound board, below, or e-mail me if you have any questions or would like a few suggestions.


mike elliott

You cannot even begin to imagine the hunger you provoke... or maybe you can :).
Delicious as always!


Also try cavite's CnT Lechon. The best part about it is the skin. Best Lechon I've tried so far, and I am not that big on the stuff Ü

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