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And you deserve it, I believe! :)

Rasa Malaysia

Robyn, I am back with my super-sonic wifi connection...thanks for your comment on RM about the Portuguese Grilled Fish. That's really sad.

And congrats on the Pinoy links...very cool! (I am sure you know) You were on Delicious Days cool blogs yesterday too...


Thanks Bee - I am back on DSL too. What a delight - it only takes 3 minutes to load a photo onto Typepad instead of the previous 10. ;-)

Yes I know about DD -- but am not getting any huge spike in traffic from it. :-( Nevermind, it's nice to be recognized by one's peers.


more pinoy entries...!!!

you ought to explore philippine regional cuisines especially those from Pampanga and Iloilo-Bacolod areas.

If you're going back to the philippines, I suggest you go and link up with people in iloilo & bacolod.


julsitos - more pinoy entries coming up!

We got to Pampanga for one day, but we'll be returning for three at the tail end of Holy Week. Looking forward to it. There will be more Philippines trips in the future, for certain!

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