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So, Robyn, we will be a little more well-known after this. Thank you, and Dave too. It's a pity almost none of us will be there but I am sure you will do an excellent job selling our cuisine and create a little more understanding between two cultures.

You are Dave are a rare breed, I must say, and a wonderful one too.


Thanks, bayi. Yes, we doubt we'll see many (if any) EatingAsia readers but I thought I'd throw it out there. We suspect that the 10 folks who show up will be there solely for the tasting! ;-) We hope to get the word out about gula Melaka and Indonesian palm sugar as well. We do have some scrumptious samples.


Hmmm. We might be there. I'll let you know when I have a better idea of our schedule for the next few weeks. In any case... good going! How long will you be in the States?


Karen - cool! Let us know. 2 wks for Dave, 3-4 for me. After Chicago it's MI, San Fran, and then New Mexico for me. As usual we'll arrive with empty suitcases and leave with bulging ones, much of the weight in food. Rather disappointed I won't be able to carry-on my usual 3 bottles of olive oil, though.


If nothing else, it sounds like we'll overlap in NM!

Rasa Malaysia

Ooooh, this is so exciting! Congratulations...so all the hardwork of researching more about gula melaka / palm sugar is handsomely paid off. :)


Hi, just discovered this site through jaunted.com yesterday. Read through some of the old posts and am amazed at how you managed to discover and try so many 'secret' culinary delights in such a short space of time. I'm m'sian and lived in KL 7 years myself (but now overseas) and never went to many of the places you mentioned. Guess I'm not as adventurous. The photos are really good and full of mood and the blog layout really neat. The yellow background - I don't know it seems to make me hungry - it looks like curry! I like your description of the tastes and atmosphere as well. You guys have some finely developed taste buds to differentiate all the spices. It's had to read through and not want to rush out to the local asian shop here to get my spices.
I'm keeping a list of all the places you mention that i find interesting and making a point to go the rounds the next time i visit home :)


Hi E - we like to think we're not adventurous, just very curious (and hungry)! Thanks for the compliments -- the color made me think of curry too, when I selected it. It seemed right for a blog that was initially all about Malaysia.

Louisa Chu

I told you I'd be there for more than just the tasting (but do make sure to bring extra ;) Can't wait!


And to those who will be coming to Chicago to hear Robyn and Dave, I am honoring my promise (made in the old Maxwell Street post on Eatingasia) to make sure that you get to all the most interesting places in the city for chow. Just send me an email if you're coming to town.

Actually, there are two Culinary Historians lectures scheduled for this busy IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) weekend: Anne Willan is presenting what promises to be a compelling lecture on Saturday, the day before Robyn and Dave's presentation for the Foodways Roundtable.


So you can make a great chow weekend in Chicago of it: hear Anne Willan on Sat and meet Robyn and Dave on Sunday!!! And I think that Robyn and Dave are preparing some really yummy things to taste afterwards...



where and when will you be in new mexico? i'm in santa fe, and would love to personally thank you for all the amazing food stories and photos. your work is inspirational, and always leaves me wanting to just try a bite of everything you describe!

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