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"yum incarnate"...I like that term!


wow! you guys are probably the first people out there to write about these! BPK and BPT! Wah...Indonesians tend to talk about the typical national food from Java and Bali. But these are rare! Thanks both of you. Lovely photos as always, and I admire your passion for delish food. Thanks you two!


I will eat anything, but I wasn't game to try the dog meat when I was in China. Just the thought of it put me off. Worse still was seeing live cat like things in cages ready to be slaughtered for food.

The pork looks good though, and the prickly ash things sounds very interesting.


it's interesting because in the Philippines, pork is king. no "haram" foods there.


Just as a matter of interest, is the pork marinated with anything? This looks incredibly similar to Cambodia's national breakfast of bbq pork and rice (without the rare sambal and blood sauce).


Hi Thanh - when I lived in Nanjing I passed by on the way home, everyday, a restaurant called Nanjing Gou Rou Wang - 'Nanjing Dog Meat King'. I've never once heard anyone oooh and aaaah about the taste of dog meat (as opposed to the taste of a perfectly prepared, sublime cut of pork). But I know it's seen as a warming food, in China and Vietnam at least.

Gosh Phil, I was busy eating while Dave was snapping those pics of the pork charring away on the grill, so I can't say for sure. None of the BBQ pork we had this trip tasted like anything but pig, but who knows. I promise to be more diligent about my reportage on the next trip. ;-)


This is why I will never become a vegetarian, let alone a vegan. My weakness is grilled pork ribs!

Rasa Malaysia

Aren't Sumatran mostly Muslims...can they eat babi? :P


Ed, I'd have to agree. I could give up beef, maybe lamb, certainly chicken ... but never pork!

Bee - Batak are an ethnic group in (mostly) northern Sumatra. Most are Christian. North Sumatra is thick with churches.


If you return to Medan, try B2 saksang in Jalan Darat. Sorry I don't remember the name of the restaurant with the best saksang(I haven't been there since I left Medan in 1981, but I know it's still there).


dwi - we will return to Medan, and will keep your recommendation in mind. Thanks!


Robyn, it depends where the bataks are from. If they are from North Tapanuli, mostly are Christian, but mostly the bataks' in South Tapanuli are Muslim.

I never have BPK or BPT because I'm a part of Mandailing (South Tapanuli) :D


You must try other Indonesian porks, such as the ones in Bali, parts of Kalimantan, North Sulawesi, etc. Thank you for the review! Bujur (thank you in Batak language, but forgot which Batak. Karo, I think)!


such a delicious food to be eaten in each session with family and friends...
I love it...


Babi Panggang Karo (BPK) is the most wanted Babi Panggang over the world, Try it, n You Will know the trully taste of BPK.....


@ ari : Bujur is means Thanks ( from karo ) and if from batak toba ( mauliate )

@ rasa malaysia : most of the population are christian in north sumatra, but somehow there also moslem.

by the way...It is an honored to read this article. Most time article only about java's foods or padang foods but our foods ( batak foods) also tasty.... en not only famous in Babi panggang, we are also famous in ARSIK, AYAM NAPINADAR, MIE GOMAK /MIE SORNOP , SAKSANG .... so guys if you go to north sumatra dont forget to try all those foods :)

in Jakarta, you also can find all those foods in LAPO ( Batak Restaurant ).

oowh no.. now I really HUngry and wanna eat this Babi Panggang ( but I cant find it here in Holland :P)

Nathalie Siem



the most delicious grilled meats i have ever eat is Babi Panggang Karo. mmm its about 13.000 Rupiahs ( for $1 = Rp. 9800 ). its not perfect if you aren't try Babi Panggang karo when traveling to North Sumatra.

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