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Otak-otak isn't my favorite but the shrimp noodles and the won ton mee make my mouth water!

From the sound of it, I'm gonna have to find someone to take me to Muar for a couple days of gut-busting gluttony!


Robyn - if you'll permit me a Grey's Anatomy-inspired moment - Seriously? Seriously? You should be as big as a house, and I reserve the right to forever hassle you about how much you eat v. how much you (don't) weigh. Just call me the green eyed monster today.


Tsai tou kao = Mandarin
Tsai t'ao keh = Fukienese
= radish cake I am pretty sure. Not carrot. This is a well-known Chinese snack.

It's the triangular slab closer to the man. The egg goes on top.


Nice photos and article. I don't remember if I have ever stopped by Muar. It looks like a small town which is lost in time. There are many cities in Malaysia and US which have never gotten a face lift over the years. When I went to Penang in 2004, my mum and I stopped over in Bidor for its famous duck leg egg noodle soup and chicken biscuit. I realized that the town has not changed for the past 50 years. My family would always stopped over Bidor on our trips to Penang and Cameron Highlands when I was a kid.


Nate - get yourself down there. But skip breakfast the morning you leave. ;-)

Catherine - I don't eat like this *everyday*! Just a couple days a week. Anyway, you're one to talk. With as much chocolate and as many desserts as *you* eat you should be as big as 5 houses!

Richard - here in Malaysia (and Sing, I'm pretty sure) they call radish 'white carrot). This is radish 'cake' (called carrot cake) stir-fried with egg, bean sprouts, scallion, etc. Always greasy but delish.

flymeng - there's tons of towns in Malaysia just like this one. We were in another today (though much smaller) - Tanjung Malim (on the way to Bidor). I love reading reminsicences of Malaysia like yours. Keep them coming.


Have you ever been to the Madras lane wet market on Petaling street? There is/was an old theatre which was rumoured to be haunted. It was burnt badly in the late 70's and rebuilt later. I am not sure if it is still standing. Anyways, back to the food at the market. There is/was a famous fried radish cake hawker beside the Madras theatre. I would watch him cook. He used garlic oil, egg, radish cake and chilli. I was always amazed how efficient he was with the cooking and his arms never seemed to be tired. Like you said, it was good and greasy. I like the crunchy tiny radish. Madras lane market is also famous for its Laksa. We would eat Laksa, fried radish cake and have a cold sugar cane drink.


Simply delish! I'm loving your food blog. Salamat.


When I read your blog, I travel, I eat and I enjoy the sights and sounds with you. However, after reading your posts, it's back to reality where I'm insanely jealous and starving. You and David are torturers!


Time to go make dinner. I wasn't hungry until I read your blog and I'm sad that what I make won't be nearly as delicious as anything you ate that day. Don't listen to your friends- the proof is in the tasting!


I was wondering too, how much do you weigh now? With all the "sinful" foods you have been eating, it figures then,why this country is "the world's highest percentage of overweight people country".

Well, we only live once. So, as the chinese saying goes, "Live to eat" (as against to, eat to live).


Fantastic write up! The shuijiao looks mouth-watering and the Wide wheat noodles seems to be a delightful dish.



I'm from Muar myself...But sadly only return to hometown once a year on average. Only in Muar, for the Malays, that you'd eat satay, mee rebus, mee bandung and the heavyweights for breakfasts at kopitiams around Muar! Heavenly!


Hi Robyn from a Muarian! There are a lot more gems waiting to be discovered in this little seaside town, so do drop me a line when you next plan your trip there and I'll share with you some good eating spots :)

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