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Hm, I wonder if you can find grilled chicken in KL/PJ equal to what you had in Medan.

I love the photo of the salted eggs!


Nate - There may well be an Indonesian somewhere in KL grilling chicken this way. It was so good that we went back the very next night for a repeat! And would have returned again, had we had more time in Medan.


Hi, I've been a regular reader of your blog and I thoroughly enjoy reading about your adventures. Thank you for sharing them.

I also just wanted to recommend visiting Jalan Selat Panjang the next time you're in Medan. It's a famous street that's lined with small shops serving a variety of Chinese hawker dishes.



Porscia - thanks for the recommendation. We tried to hit J Selat Panjang on this last trip but it was CNY and the street was shut tight! Next trip for sure.

Ling Teo

Oh my oh my - teh bandrek sounds divine!! I'm already a masala chai addict, so this one sounds right up my alley. Thanks for sharing!


Linda, The Village Vegetable

that cinnamon stick photo is ingenious. really beautiful!


Oh, did you try 'saksang' in those pondok tuak/lapo? Beware though, this minced pork dish a) is cooked with the animal's blood (sorry if you're squeamish) and b)usually is very very hot. Mmmmmmm ;)


Ling - let us know if you like it.

Linda - thanks!

dwi - we did not have saksang, but we did have the blood dipping sauce with our BPK/babi panggang (number 2). Will be posting on that.
Heat is never a problem for us, we've never encountered a spicy dish we couldn't enjoy to the fullest.


Your photographs are amazing.


Van - many thanks for that!


I love bandrek! So warm.... it's actually a traditional beverage of the Sundanese people from the highlands of West Java, but yeah, I guess there are a lot of merchants from all around Indonesia in Medan, no wonder if bandrek has made its way to Medan also.


Yups Bandrek originate from West Java (Sundanese, different ethnic with Javanese). Also there are similar drink called Bajigur.


I just got back from Jakarta, I love this drink, bump into your blog while looking for the recipe. sakoteng is quite similar to bandrek. I brought back a lot of packet bandrek & sakoteng. The only thing I didn't like from in those packet is they mix it with castor sugar, do you know what is the best brand for packet bandrek with only palm sugar ?

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