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Oh, to be a kid again and run into grandma's kitchen to help myself to a quick snack of whatever's on the stove.

The yam noodles are intriguing but I'd really like to tuck into the pig trotters!


I used to live off Jalan Klang Lama (3.5 miles) right across the street from the Buddhist temple/building back in 70's to early 80's. It is before Taman Desa if you are coming from the city. There is a old theatre on Jalan Kuchai Lama. I think it has been converted to a church, not sure. I took my dog to the vet around those shop houses. Unfortunately it passed away from cancer in '83. My mom and I would go to the wet market at the corner of Klang and Kuchai Lama. I would eat wantan noodles, nasi lemak or fried kway teow. There are a lot of memories. I am living in Florida now and have been away for 20 years. Thanks for the nice pictures.


Nate - yes, the pig trotters were perhaps even more special than the noodles.

flymeng - thanks for sharing those memories! Wish more readers would do so. Yes the theater has been converted to a church. Supposedly there is another (some say better) version of yam noodles in its vicinity.


the new stall next to the church, jln kuchai lama, is manned by their relative, i think one of the daughter of the oldman who started this Pu Yuan and her hubby (same raw materials i guess). it opens at nite but have not tried that. i used to live here too, 4.5 miles jln klang lama, behind the endlot indian barber shop fronting jln klang lama when i was small. moved out ~1971 after the big kl flood. experienced my 513 riot (6 years old-teary eyes due to teargas) and the big flood from this old house. good old memories..

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