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Wow. The sambal petai looks delicious; the crispy fried fish are wonderful; but the dendeng really got my mouth watering!

What a find!


Hi Robyn,

Nice pics and reviews you have there. I must admit that the fried fish and dendeng looked really appetising.


Nate - I'd be hard-pressed to choose a favorite dish from this meal, but the dendeng was particularly inspired. The garnish of onions and the not-too-chewy texture (working aggressively, I could cut it with my spoon) really set it apart.

Jason - thanks, and welcome!


Robyn, you're killing me!!! Read the post at 3 am in a lonely Boston hotel (jet lag. hungry. couldn't sleep). That pix of the petai and of the whole spread triggered all the food memories - I swore I could taste it :) Quick, find out who 'Andri' is.


I just moved to Negeri Sembilan! So, now I know where to get good food. And I love your pictures...wish I could take pictures that good on my film SLR.


Sorry CS! You'll just have to make a beeline to Andri's when you're back in KL.

Kamelia - Thanks from Dave (the photographer) re: the photos. We did a post on Seremban beef noodles sometime last summer - check the 'Malaysia beyond KL' item in the sidebar. Happy eating!

lil star

ooo... brinjal with chilli. yummy! i see you got the cucumber salad! people overlook it some times but i think it's essential to any nasi padang or banana leaf meal


If I thought I could claw my way through this laptop screen and into Andri's, shards of plastic would litter my desk. As it is, I can only read, sigh, and dream.


Robyn, I am so hungry. Your review places me right beside you, the only regret is while we chose the food together, only one of us got to eat :(


OMG Robyn, you found Andri!!! this has been my favourite Nasi Padang place in the whole world. Long before all the NP invasions in KL!!! My friends and I used to make special trips to Tanjugn Malim just to eat and talk to Andri!!!
I think I msut have taken everyone I love there - my grandparents, friends, exes - and he used to be so amused that I prefer his food to those I have eaten in Indonesia (I used to work in JKT).
I am drooling looking at your pix. The smell and the taste of his food - the gulai ayam, the rendang, the sambal, the aubergines... ai yo yo!!!
He used to close the resto at his whim so we used to call ahead. Unfortunately the last 2 years that I have been back in KL, my schedule has been too hectic to fit in a trip to tanjung malim. But now that you show us he is still around, I am so goign there this summer!



I LOVE your blog! Travel and food being two of my favourite things, your writing and pictures make me positively ache for a visit to KL or at the very least, find a nasi padang joint in toronto!

Keep up the great work!


lil star - I agree re: the cucumber. I was expecting a sour and sweet acar but plainly salted, it was really more appropriate to the meal. A palate cleanser, if you will.

chubby p - you really need to get back to Asia, buddy!

cynthia - sorry 'bout that! We're working on a scratch 'n sniff button. ;-)

Hi Lisa - I can't claim to have sniffed this one out, a very generous reader pointed us in the direction. But yes - I agree - the food is FANTASTIC, well worth the drive, better than any nasi Padang (that I've tried) in KL, and on par with all the nasi Padang I've eaten in Padang. I only wish it were closer!!!

Frank - thanks and welcome!

Deborah Dowd

Thanks for inviting us along on such a fabulous lunch excursion. Looking at your pictures made my mouth water! There is nothing so exotic newr me so I have to live vicariously or learn how to make some of these dishes myself!


The foods look delicious! It's also nice to know that eventhough in th law of Malaysia the Minangkabaus are "Malays", they keep their tradition (read:traditional cuisine) safe. :)


OMG my parent's house is just about a 100 yards from the restaurant. I grew up in TM. I hardly recognize the town the last time I was there. I have been in the states for about 20 years. Only visiting every 5 years or so. Never realized that the place is still in operation. As a child I walked past the restaurant every day from school. And yeah my mom always try to come up with excuses not being able to cook so that my dad will pity her and get food for supper from there instead! Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.....


Ari - Amen to that. This lunch took us back to Sumatra. Very traditional preparations here.

Saida - gosh, small world! Yes, it's still there, and the food is still wonderful. Glad we could take you on this walk down memory lane.


I know who Andri is....he is the first son of Anasrul and Wen.

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