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We had avacado milkshakes in shithole Isiolo, Kenya. Of course we had just travelled overland from shithole Ethiopia by sitting on top of a cattle truck for 36 hours, so Isiolo was paradise. Not only did it have a supermarket, the guesthouse served Avacado milkshakes which might have been the best thing I had ever tasted in my entire life. I remember so many things about that particular trip, but the avacado milkshake is the only part about it that doesn't still make me cry, three years later.

In Uganda, avacados are so plentiful, kids throw them at dogs. Think of that next time you're faced with their creamy, fatty green goodness at $2 apiece.

iced nyior

I dont have a ice cream maker Robyn :( Any suggestions on how to go about doing this recipe? I love avocado with sweet condensed milk. ahh...


carpetblogger: but the avocadoes in uganda were also really, really delicious - i got used to eating at least half an avo everyday when i was staying there!


Oh yah, they're good. In India, we researched the question "how many Litchis are too many?" In Uganda, it was "how many avacados are too many?"

Answer: As many as it takes to throw up, minus one.


iced nyior - you could try making the ice cream like you make semifreddo ... which is, freeze it in a shallow container and stir every half hour or so till it's frozen. The texture won't be as smooth (I think), but the flavors will be intact. Think of it as a sort of avocado-coconut ice cream cendol.

carpetblogger - don't suppose you've got any avocadoes in Istanbul?


Since, I got my ice cream maker, I have been on an ice cream making frenzy. I will be adding this recipe to my ice cream to-do list. :)


Yes, we have them in the Carrefour. Hard and unpleasant like everywhere else they don't grow naturally. You'd think, somewhere in the country, they'd grow naturally. Maybe at a different time of year.


Harro. Totally off topic, but I had an egg and advocao sandwich this morning for breakfast. The egg was mashed up with the avocado, and looked like a kermit or alien version of egg sandwich filling but it was yummy! Actually it looked like puke, but I managed to get my mind over that ...

Good luck with the gula melaka presentation today. Do tell us about it.



Cupcake - avocadoes are great for so many things. I have made egg salad sandwich using mashed avocado in the 'dressing'. Yum. Of course they're great scrambled into eggs, and in an egg burrito. Lots of 'good' fat too! I like to mash them, mix with plain yogurt and a bit of lemon or lime juice, then use as a 'dressing' for sliced cucumber, tomato, and cilantro salads.

Carpetblogger - I feel your pain. No not really - after all you do have manti and borek at your door so you are not suffering so badly. Not to mention iskender kebabi.


avocado as a dessert is popular here in the philippines...

and so is ube
and macapuno
and buko
and cheese
and coffee mangosteen
and jackfruit


... as ice cream flavors


I can't cook to save my life hence i can't really contribute to your request but I bet you can whip a good meal up anytime. By the way, I completely lurrrrrrrve your shots. Please please do tell me what camera do you use. TQ TQ. Tim.


Julsitos - we didn't get to try avocado ice cream in the PHI. Next trip.

Timothy - thanks and welcome! Dave (the photographer) has not gone digital (yet). He shoots with a Canon T-90 + assorted lenses, Fuji Velvia slide film. We scan our slides with a Nikon Coolscan 5000.

A Series of Kitchen Experiments

This is a very interesting idea. I have an avocado in my kitchen all ripe and ready to go. I'm going to give this recipe a go :)

Btw, I am linking your blog to my foodblog. Feel free to add me to yours if you want. Thanks!


hello! my mom makes this absolutely fab avocado dessert thing where she blends the avocado with ice, like in a shake, then pours a shot of expresso over it. REALLY GOOD.


Avocadoes are used both for shakes and for ice cream in the Philippines. My recipe is a simple one -- milk and/or cream, eggs, sugar and avocado, much like making vanilla ice cream but adding an avocado or two (pureed, with a few chunks left in) at the last moment of folding. I've also tried it with coconut milk but I prefer the other kind. Lime juice is also a nice touch and provides a slight tang.

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