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Lyrical Lemongrass

There are several reasons why I'd like to visit the Philippines again...sisig is one of them. I fell in love with the dish the first time I ate it.


So glad to see you enjoying our favorite dishes. That sisig is jumping off the page, I could almost hear it sizzle!


Kinilaw looks very similar to what the Kadazans in Sabah like to eat called 'hinava'.


Yay! I've been waiting for the kinilaw post! It looks so good, and I love burong mangga. Thanks for the recipe, I'm gonna try and make it next week. :)


the colors in the ginger-fragrant stew of mussels and green papaya pix is WOW and for some reason, looks really appetising too. natural lighting?


Lemongrass and stef - sisig is delish, but a real heart attack on a plate!

grouch - didn't get to try hinava when we were in Sabah. But the similarity isn't surprising, given the proximity of PHI to Sabah.

Christine- good luck with the burong manga.

Grace - Dave (the photographer) prefers natural light - most of our shots (including this one) are natural light. We think part of the reason for the 'pop' of the colors is the slide film (yes, we're still using film) - Fuji's new Velvia.


Hi Robyn, got a recipe for those mussels?

Looking forward for more recipes and if you love to feature a philippine recipe on my site, please let me know in email to stef2k[at]yahoo[dot]com

I linked to you, would you feel like linking back at my "Quick Dinner Recipes" ?

Happy eating!

Stef aka TheSkinnyCook in Malaysia


where's the dessert???

have you tried any philippine desserts other than tsokolate?


The Land of "Come On Over" - and eat! Yep, that pretty much sums it up for the Philippines. Classic!


Not a good idea to visit your drool inducing food blog at 1:15 am when I am on a diet. LOL

Salamat Dave and Robyn for sharing with us your food adventures.

Bagel Boss Catering

Great photos. Your shots look so mouth-watering. Most of these Filipino food recipes are a mixture of foreign cuisines that evolved over many centuries.

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