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Having finally eaten the food of the gods, it took all my willpower to walk past it this weekend. I can taste the cracklings now...


Ooooooh... I haven't had that pork in ages. Not since my last visit to SanFran.


I guess for Filipinos in Daly City, the roasted pig knuckles would be a high-end version of "cripy pata" (which is usually deep-fried). That last photo of the pork close-up really made me hungry...and I just had dinner.


Oh, it's so mouth-watering to walk past that truck at the Ferry Building Farmer's Market and breathe in the aroma of roast meats!


How interesting (and somehow wonderful) that a Filipino living in the Bay Area would learn about the pork knuckles roasted by a Swiss for the Filipino market in Daly City from two people living in Malaysia!

Robyn and David, hats off to you and your wonderful blog. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and your writing and photos are mouthwatering. I eagerly await a book with your names on it!


I am going to e-mail this to some of my Filipino friends in the area! Wow!


What would I not give to have a truck like this next to the market I go to...


I LOVE porchetta. My Italian grandmother always makes one for Easter, so the memory is still lingering.

Byunghoon Kim

That porchetta looks yummy! :)
I never tried that, but I want to have it someday.


yummy! just like lechon kawali!

do you think porchetta will be a good idea for business here in the philippines?


nice Gridskipper shoutout!


Catherine - good for you... amazing willpower!

Nate - your comment begs the question - just why *do* you walk past without stopping?

Julsitos - I don't know about that. Filipinos have so many lovely local porky products to choose from, I have to wonder why they'd want to go for a Western version of roast pork. Though now you've got me thinking .... what if you did a porchetta like this but stuffed it with lemongrass and herbs (the way lechon is done on Mindanao, I understand) rather than the Italian mix of rosemary et al? Hmmmmm....

Carpetblogger - thanks for the heads up! Would've missed it entirely.



because there's always a huge line (unless he's run out of food) as we're walking in to the market, and then we're not hungry any more after all the grazing at the market :-)


Ooooh, love it when you guys do one of your rare "Not Eating Asia" posts!!!!!



We went to the Old Oakland farmer's market, got in line, and found that the only thing on the menu was chicken! I have to email him and find out when they do the porchetta (only for SF? Only occasionally?). It wasn't Odermatt there, and the guy who was serving didn't seem to understand my question. That's OK. We stocked up on fresh cherries and white peaches, and headed to our favorite Shanghainese eatery nearby for some exquisite "xiao long bao".


Sorry about that Jen! Yes, the pork is 'occasional' -- it just doesn't sell as well as the chicken. I'm sure you could ask to be notified if the pork is going to be on the menu. (A thought - perhaps Odermatt is franchising and this was one of the franchisees?) But what about the chicken? The potatoes roasted in the chicken drippings looked heavenly!


We're going to our last Giants game at Pac Bell Park tomorrow (move date is next Saturday!), so we're heading there early to try to catch Odermatt, and hopefully, some pork. I emailed them after our disappointment but never heard back from them. Whatever. Perhaps there'll be lamb, if there's no pork! We didn't have the chicken last time, although it smelled amazing.

I don't think he's franchising -- the web site doesn't say so -- I think it was one of his staff, someone who spoke limited English. Hopefully he'll be there tomorrow -- we'll keep you posted!

Anton aus Hom'kon

Gratuliere, bisch erfolgriich.
Ich bin schtolz uf diich.
Haesch ghuebsched Kerlipurscht!!

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