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Hmm ... I guess you've not had my parents' assam fish curry spiced up with buah kluwak? I recently tried pork rib assam curry with buah kluwak. Equally good.



Cupcake - you did gift us some assam fish, about a year ago - very red with an admirable kick. Was that spiked with kluwak?


I've had the Nonya ayam keluak version at Restoran Bibi Chik in SS2. I thought by itself it was quite bitter but overall the dish was okay.



Nope! That was the plain vanilla version. We don't usually do the kluwak thing. I'll bring round some curry paste the next time we make it.



I had that dish too in that nyonya retaurant at ss2. It does have a funny taste but I thought it was great. Cupcake, care to share that assam fish with keluak recipe? :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

It's amazing the things you can find on Amazon these days huh? This soup looks amazing, I love all the colors and textures. All I need is a steaming bowl of it, a spoon and an empty stomach!


I've read about kluwak, although the author of the piece didn't seem as enthused about the flavors it imparts as Robyn is. My curiosity is piqued.


Hi Robyn, have been following your blog and it fascinates me no end. Most of the eateries you frequent i've not even heard of. So much for being a proud malaysian.

I get very excited everytime someone shares my liking for the kluak. i grew up with the flavours of kluak in gerang asam lovingly prepared by my grandmother. http://www.flickr.com/photos/cindygan/241782848/

I've heard really good reviews from other nyonya friends on nancy's kitchen in melaka, serving the best buah kluak gerang asam of any nyonya restaurant.


I have a recipe of Sop Konro that is used kluwak. http://indonesia-eats.blogspot.com/2007/09/so-konro-makasar-style-beef-ribs-stew.html


can any1 pls pls plssssss tell me wher can i get to purchase this buah keluak ??
i have been dying for it trying to search the whole kl cant get... damnnnn... if any1 knows wher can i get or can any1 dhl it to me in kl i'll b the happiest guy in the world.. im willing to pay wat ever expences just to purchase it and send it to kl plssssss any1??
pls email me at [email protected] thx :p

Sasha @ Global Table Adventure

Sign me up - anything that is like a "strong mushroom" is bound to be an instant favorite :)

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