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Jennifer Jeffrey

Have I mentioned lately how very jealous I am at the INCREDIBLE meals you two eat?! I never thought I'd say that I'm dreaming of a meal composed of krill and squid, but I am.


thanks so much for this entry.. i have been wanting to make squid adobo.. my husband loved it when he came to visit one time there in the Philippines. And now i'm here.. i should cook it! :D


Geesh! Mareesh! You two have the best job in the world. :}


Jennifer - I can't deny it, we do manage to eat very well!

Tanya - good luck with it, and let me know how it turns out.

jo - well, I might note that it a mostly non-paying job. But I can't say we don't enjoy it!


Growing up in the Philippines, I remember another variation of the squid adobo with coconut milk...it was different enough that I never grew tired of squid adobo when both variations were part of our regular meal rotation. Thanks for the recipe...now if I can just find small squid with the ink sacs still intact....


I have been eating bagoong alamang my entire life and only after reading this post do I see it as robbing whales of their dinner :)... yes, of course, krill or whale food. The deep waters between some of the Philippine archipelagos islands are host to whales coming through during the right season or time of year...and I am certain they munch on tons of baby shrimp during this pit stop... fantastic post!


I have never had squid adobo before but now I must seek it out.


Renato - you and I are in the same boat. If I can just find the small squid...

Marketman - thanks for reminding me something I forgot to include in the post (will remedy) - those teeny-tiny alamang are seasonal. Have you prepared them in kitchen?

Nate - yes, definately a Philippine must-eat. I'm a huge fan of sour so adobo appeals to me in general but this squid version especially with it's sour-sea combo.


you should try krill fried rice as we do it here in bacolod, philippines... we also include it too in scrambled eggs as omelette....

hope you guys visit the PI again soon.

Shirley Ng

Hi, I love your site for it's larger than life photos.

I blogged about krill two months back when they were in season. I buy fresh krill here in Singapore from my fish monger and frying them in batter. The peranakan name for them is geragau.


Steamy Kitchen

Hi guys,

mmmm.....krill fried rice sounds gooooood.


Robyn, I have never tried making my own bagoong, but now that you mention it...hmmm...


Most young people believe that dolphin sounds with music is for old hippies but I find things like whales singing or dawn chorus spiritually refreshing.


I totally agree when you wrote, "The best adobo is the simplest and most straightforward."

Vincent Shaw Flack

See the latest issue of Life Extension Mag for krill against arthritis. Vincent Shaw Flack. Fry it in coconut oil.Fabulous with the onions, tomato, etc

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