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you were eating with a person who knows her thing, there. one mouthful, not too much soup, garlic & soy-soaked chillies a must. it's like the malaysian version of a pho breakfast - & because it has to be eaten slowly (due to the heat of the soup), is a nice meditative way to start the day :)


Yum! As a child, koay teow th'ng was my default meal. Everytime we were up in Penang, that's what I'd ask for. I recently had a bowl of it here in a Malaysian restaurant with a Penang cook (ordered for my kids) and it was truly dismal. The broth had no depth, the noodles were plastic, and the fillings were all wrong (straw mushrooms and baby corn?!?!@!). It's definitely up there in the "must-have" while in Penang but I don't know if I would say it's the signature dish. There are too many other wonderful dishes that signal Penang to me. All different, all Penang.


Robyn, for me the definitive Penang food would have to be koay chard. That dark smooth, fragrant and unctuous, dare one say; sexy combination of duck meat and noodles combined. It has been aeons since I have had the pleasure ...


No, thn'g is the Fukienese word for soup, Mandarin t'ang. This can be confirmed by looking at/reading the T-shirt of the guy (girl?) in picture #2.



RST - touche. Thanks.

Gobsmacked & Annie - this wouldn't be *my* choice as iconic Penang food, but it certainly was delicious. Annie - yeah, baby corn and straw mushrooms - whassup with that??!! Disgraceful.

Serena - exactly, a Malaysian 'pho'. But are deceptively simple but, when done well, heavenly.


The authentic Penang keow teow th'ng comes with thin slivers of liver and gizzard, and pork intestines. The broth is delicate, sweetened with pork bones boiled a long long time. I like the one in Hutton Lane, Georgetown.

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