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You're right, Robyn, I found Makko's a bit too rich for my taste because of their molasses-like gula melaka & hence preferred Penang's lighter (and slightly salty-tasting santan) chendol. Still, I'm very gratified to find Makko (and their rival Ole Sayang across the road) still operating - fluorishing, in fact! When I first dined in Makko back in 1989, Taman Melaka Raya was a small, almost empty new development area. My first dish I ordered there was babi pongteh & I still remembered that fondly - they put pieces of sugarcane in their stew, somethint we've never seen in Singapore's babi pongteh.

I didn't get to try any seafood whilst in Malacca, but we made a traipse round the corner (after our Makko chendol) to Teo Chew Bah Kut Teh at the end of Taman Melaka Raya 4. That place is frequented by loyal Malaccan regulars & serves one of the best bah kut teh (Malacca Teochew-style) I've ever had. They put in minced pork balls, various pig innards/liver/kidney, pork ribs, etc. The soup is to-die for. The yam rice which they serve alongside the bah kut teh is also very addictive. It's my 3rd time at the restaurant in 9 years (the first time was in 2001) and the food standard's stayed the same.

I'd want to do a bah kut teh food outing in Klang next time I visit KL/Selangor. There are 3 famous bah kut teh places I want to try: all of them have their own style preparation.


There is a famous Peranakan Cendol at Bukit Rambai. They have another stall in KL, Kelana Jaya Mall newly opened. Kelana Jaya Mall is just right behind the Giant Kelana Jaya.


There is a newly opened cafe called Breakthrough Cafe in Malacca. It is located opposite Equatorial Hotel. They serve the authentic Peranakan Cendol. Unlike the Penang styled Cendol, this is not very watery...instead it is thicken with lotsa "liao" and shaved ice. Very good!!!


You (the writer) wrote an article on Saveur? Awesome. My dad has a bunch of old copies that I'm reading right now. Long live Saveur


Yes Nice. And nice pictures too. Go Taiping and shoot some nice ones.


Hi, I'm in Kuching right now but am passing back through KL soon. Can you recommend a good palm sugar for me to take back to New Zealand and where to buy it? Thanks very much.
Regards, Malcolm

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