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Muse in the Kitchen

This meal sounds so wonderful - it's really stirring up the wanderlust in me. The stuffed fish sounds amazing. I had something that looked a bit similar once, at a Chinese wedding feast I attended quite a few years ago, but it definitely didn't have the same taste you describe!


Nate 2.0

Astounding meal and a great find!

Exquisite photos as well. Did Dave do any styling/arranging of the plate, or did they serve the food that way?


Belle - this was one of those meals that you remember forever. Writing the post (on an empty stomach) was a little painful!

Nate - no styling, no arranging (other than balancing the spoon on the bowl of nam prik), he just shot it as it was served.

anonymous paul

fantastic meal. i quite like the snakehead fish in tamarind based broth with lots of cilantro or whatever veggies they put in it. if i remember right they call it pae-sa (pay-sah). soup usually served on this special fish shaped vessel made of metal and over hot coals. kept the soup hot


I feel gutted. I was recently in Thailand and Chiang Mai, I ate very well, but if only I knew about this site and the treasures you have found. (luke sighs and looks hungrily off into the distance....)


anon - hmmm, not quite sure what that dish is called. But I know the vessel you're talking about.

luckyfatluke - sorry 'bout that! Time to start planning your return trip, I guess...

Rasa Malaysia

In Siem Reap, I had Amok made with snake fish too, but I didn't see how it looked like...now I know!!! ;)


That's some amazing looking snakehead - I had my local fish vendor teach me how to butterfly fillet the fish like that in preparation for drying/smoking - but never would have thought that cooking it like a fish roulade was a possibility.

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