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The nasi kandar is quite good. I remember going there with my parents/ aunts/ uncles/ cousins. Do they still have a jukebox there?


Nate 2.0

I'd love to have that second photo framed and hanging on my wall. So charming! Great job, Dave!

Steamy Kitchen

I'd love a cup of that coffee.

Riz Ainuddin

We just love our local brewed coffee. There's just too many to choose from. My personal favorite is Hai Peng over in Kemaman Terengganu. This one right here, I have yet to taste. Must be good lah!


I really like the photo/story about the coffee shop. It takes me back to the simpleness of Thailand. What a wonderful country and people.
Your photo's are really nice. I found your site through the http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com where you have been nominated for the Best Photography Blog.

You can add a brag badge to your blog so that you can collect more votes. The code is on the same page that people can go to Vote For This Site! http://www.bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/16665


Cupcake - we'll have to head back for the nasi kandar, then!

Nate - if you'd really like a print we can probably work sth out.

Steamy, Riz - it is quite a good cuppa.

Saul - thanks for the heads up re: blogger's choice. Glad you enjoyed the post. We really like Thailand too.

Em Smith

I can not express enough, how much I admire all the photographs on this site.
It always makes my day better by looking at this site.
thank you!


Em - that's really nice of you. Thanks for the kind words!


First of all, I love reading your blog!

Speaking of Malaysian local kopi, have you checked out the stall in the Imbi market?

Gas kit

The highly acidic nature of regular coffee can alter the specific pH balance in our body

Any Idiot Can

Oh I love Malaysian coffee shops. I'm in KL about six times a year and always head over to one of my favorite coffee shops for my morning brew - beats Starbucks by a mile. And I second whoever said the one at Imbi Market - awesome coffee.


Went to Toon Leong this afternoon for coffee and had some amazing noodles from the vendor out front. Coffee was outstanding and the atmosphere was exactly as you describe...lost in time. However it was very busy and hopefully it will survive!

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