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agreed - i prefer these to khanom bueang, but my all-time favorite is khanom krok.

my gf bought a box of these and of khanom krok from the vendor to tempt me a few days ago, hours after i told her i was going to try to eat less to lose some weight. she proved i don't have much willpower when it comes to coconut cream! :)

you can buy these frozen (with the little ceramic blue & white cups included!) at 'bangkok grocery' in nyc's chinatown (probably elsewhere too). doesn't beat the real thing, but it's not bad. we would steam them in the steamer for about 10 minutes to soften them before eating.


cee - I like khanom krok too ... but not when they've cooled down (hot out of the pan they *are* pretty wonderful!). Khanom tuai are, I think, fine at room temp.
Wish we could buy the frozen version here in Kuala Lumpur....


they looked so yummy! i can imagine they are v fragrant =)


I love Khanom Tuai as well. It's hard to find good ones though, or at least that's what I think. The best ones I've had were from the province of Samut Sakorn and Samut Songkram, where they produce Nam tan ta node and have plenty of fresh coconut.

I guess I'm a bit squeamish but I'm not so keen on buying these off the street from unknown vendors. They can be a bit dicey. At least the Kanom Bueng and Kanom Krok are usually made right before you.

The street-style Kanom Bueng - with creamy whipped egg white which became the standard twenty or so years ago - is pretty gnarly. I love the old-fashioned ones. There are still a couple vendors in Sam Praeng that I always go to when I'm in Thailand.

Oh, yes, and gorgeous photos as usual.


Iron Eaters - yes, very fragrant with coconut.

Pim - well, as you by now know, we buy lots of stuff off the street from unknown vendors. ;-) And BKK is one place where that's never caused a problem. Will keep an eye out for these next time we're in Sam Praeng.

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