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Nate 2.0

Happy Birthday, Malaysia.


I wish you a happy birthday because you are borned in Malaysia. Personal assessment is that most developments are concentrated in certain areas only and the person in charge during the peak of physical growth of the country is Tun Doctor Mahathir Mohammad. However during his days, we've seen opposing quarters being charged and sentenced while others equally guilty walk away scot free. And now the assessment is that Malaysia is slowly drifting into Islamic extremism.


Anon - we're not Malaysian, but we do love Malaysia. I generally agree with the commentary that I linked - so far so good for Malaysia, but problems lie ahead if certain issues aren't dealt with.

Politics aside, Malaysia is a wonderful place to live, and Malaysians just couldn't be more welcoming.


Merdeka!!!I am a Malaysian living in the west at the moment.
Looking from outside, I am proud of what Malaysia has achieved so far as a country, and Malaysian food is one of the best in the world! My mom's beef randang is the best!
Malaysia is unique in that everyone by and large, live in harmony, and prosper in harmony, and Malaysian should keep this spirit alive and should never fall into the unpleasant state of xenophobia and extremism.


Reny - Malaysians indeed have much to be proud of, including their food! Let's hope that Malaysian cuisine really gets the recognition it deserves in the not-too-distant future.


Happy Birthday, sister Malaysia! Like your neighboring sister, the Philippines, we all have our politics, religion, culture, beliefs. But the best part is that the people are good people. They are what endear our countries to foreigners and have since stopped being foreigners because they are "in love" with our people. :) A good second is they are "in love" with our food!


hello, may I used one of the image as my blog header? I hope can because it's really beautiful~huhu
please do inform me if cannot okay~ =)


Hello - thanks for asking permission. These images are by a professional photographer and they are copyrighted. Please do not use them on your own website.

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