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Your photos of the delicious dishes had me drooling for some banana leaf curry rice!


I can almost smell it... I've been craving for this stuff! Wish it were as easy to be had here in Manila. Unfortunately, I'd have to cross town (through significant traffic) for some good Indian food! It might be easier to fly to KL. You are so lucky to have these in your backyard.


That chicken curry looks amazing!


The mom & pop look so cute. I wanna eat some of the food too.


Food is the best lens - to learn about places, people, history and culture - and your food blog (and this term blog is an understatement) is absolutely incredible and fantastic! for armchair foodies/travellers, you provide us with inspiration to save our pennies to go to places like Kuala Lumpur.

Speaking of, the Indian food stall and dry chicken curry pictured here just look so great. I have been scouring the web for a recipe but there seem to be variations. any hints or suggestions? thx. O


Olan - we agree (about food being the best lens). Our love of local victuals has certainly led on some great adventures over the years.
Thanks for your comment - and compliment. Sorry to say I have no advice to offer vis a vis the recipe. But I have a couple Tamil cookbooks on order from Amazon and if anything in there looks promising I'll post it. In the meantime, we're hoping to go back to this stall and ask mom if she'd let us watch her preparations before opening. We may yet post a recipe for 'Mom's Dry Chicken Curry'. Watch this space. ;-)

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