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Wow, for a minute there I thought the picture of the "Kuah Keria" were chocolate cheerios!!!

BTW, great articles and pics here - always!


If only Krispy Kreme sold these donuts, I might start going back to them.


CK - if chocolate cheerios were coated with gula Melaka I'd probably eat them!

Nate - these wouldn't be sweet enough for the American palate. Too bad- they don't know what they are missing!


Those kuih keria looks mighty tasty. I love them to bits - but have only encountered those coated with white sugar (like a glazed doughnut), never with gula melaka. Yet.

Had to say that I really love your site!


Arrrghh..these were one of my absolute favourite foods in Malaysia - and even then I never got enough of it cos they were hard to find. I think I had them probably less than 5 times in my life..Then we moved to Australia. And now all I can do is devour your photos. BTW the hubby & friend are in KL for a week at end of August and we've been madly taking notes from your site to really savour the best that KL has to offer. So thanks for the pain-inducing photos (hurts so good) and great posts...I tell everybody who loves Asian food about EatingAsia!

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