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Chaat, I do love this dish very much.


Thank you for this post. I am very inexperienced when it comes to this cuisine.


The puri looks so mouth-watering! I can taste/smell the gravy and chutney contrasted against the crispy rice puffs. I imagine a whole spectrum of flavors - sweet, sour, salty, minty, spicy - everything in one bite!


Great blog! I found you quite by accident today, and spent the good part of 3 hours reading through your posts. Located here in the United States, Arkansas no less, we are completely devoid of such treasures and treats. My salivary glands have been kicking into high gear from the first post. Keep it up, everything looks awesome!


First, I have been reading your blog for the last year and I absolutely love it. However, since the last post the blog is taking a lot of time to load.

This is because the avg size of the 4 PNG images in the last post is 2 MB. They need to be scaled down.


Cynthia - you and me both!

Nate - same here. Since arriving in Malaysia the more we learn about regional Indian cuisines the more we realize how very little we know.

Megamom - I don't know of another dish that has so much going in every bite.

Rob - ah, but you have enchiladas (checked out your blog) and great tomatoes, no? Our family made the trek south to AK every Nov. for Thanksgiving at great-grandma's. Poplar Bluff, no less.

Hi debu - thanks for your patronage! PNGs are an aberration - the prob has been fixed. You were not the first to complain abt upload time. Sorry 'bout that.

zona marie

oh my! first time i ever tried chaats was in Singapore. would love to have them again! where exactly in Brickfields is Chat Masala? are they along the main road?

Rasa Malaysia

Thanks Robyn. I am sure I can find it in Penang, if I look beyond Roti Canai and Nasi Kandar. ;)

Indian Desi Masala Gallery

Hey Robin,
Why did u post that mouth watering dishes pic? Me suddenly started feeling hungry :p
But in a serious note, indian masala foods are very tasty and spicy. It has been loved by different people from all over the world.

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But man cannot live by turmeric fried fish and crispy vadai alone. The world of Indian Malaysian deliciousness is large and, in some instances, woefully uncharted.

Nabilah Anafi

Do they still serve this dish? I've been seaching for it since i came back from Bangalore in 2012. I just love the taste

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