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Sui Mai

Thanks for posting this!

I had no idea there was a site up for saving street markets. (Hopefully the Dai Pai Dongs too!).

Hope you don't mind if I post a link to it too.

Still loving all the drool worthy photos and descriptions!!


Love your blog, esp food blogs, LOL. I love the wet market in Central too. Used to visit it when I was working in China. I'll go sign the petition now! Cheers.

Rasa Malaysia

That's a shame...I was there last year when in Central...such a nice market especially you can watch the market from the overhead evelator thingy at Central.

Em Smith

Hi, this has got nothing to do with your current post. anyhow could you post some stories on nyonya kuih? please????
thank you!

ps: pulut kaya is the best


Thanks for featuring this post. I did my part to save the market!

I was in HongKong for a brief 1 month and the open air wet markets had certainly been a favourite haunt of mine for fresh local produce and lively excitement of the activities going on.

It will be a shame if the govt choose to close it down for hygiene reasons. Surely there could be an alternative to the drastic measure.


Em - do a search on the bar to the right, it should bring you to this post:


But yes, I think we're due for another kuih post. We certainly do eat enough of them!

Sui Mai, Orion - thanks!

Rasa - hope you signed the petition!

Lely - the organization is arguing for a sensitive upgrade of the market that will improve hygiene but not result in its wholesale demolition. I personally think Hong Kong already has enough malls, don't you?

Andrea Nguyen

Spent a year living and studying in Hong Kong. What would that lovely city be without these markets? Half of the shopping pleasures would be gone!!! Thanks for the alert.


Can't believe that market could go... when I lived in Hong Kong that warren of streets were my favourite places... simply wonderful. Doesn't surprise me though... they're also getting rid of the old Star Ferry terminal.


I am totally astonished as to why they don't revamp the licensing policy and issue new licenses! Feeling sad knowing the future of the stall holders. This seemed to have to be as the second most popular attraction at HK.

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