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I so impress by the many type of food you eat in Penang. I will be sure put on weight if I eat like this. Why not you organise a kopi tiam crawl (like a pub crawl) in Penang and invite your friends on this food blog to take part also? With many people you can eat from morning until night until next morning.


Are you sure you are American and your last life is not Malaysia?

Your blog posts make me hungry all the time for Northern Malaysian food (I am originally from Taiping). And we, Taiping folks, think too Norther cooking is better than the South anytime. Especially compare to Singapore.


Hi Robyn

I believed the curry chicken is another one of the many styles originated from Indian Muslim cuisine in Penang. Some stalls serve this style of curry with beef. The secret ingredient could be dried whole chillies from India to be the base of the spice mix.


Wonderful post again, Robyn. Was the chicken curry really that dark red? Usually the curry dipping sauce is more yellowish right?

Sugar Bean

Hi, I found your blog really nice and interesting. Do you mind if I ask you this question? Did the hawkers allow you to take their photos? We're blogging about food too but did not dare to take their photos when they're cooking and sometimes it's quite hard to take photos in the restaurant too. :)

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