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Oh Stop that right now!!! Too tasty! Not allowed!!


Gosh... I wish I'm in Penang now. Totally love the vinegared fish and apom telur manis.


Wow. I seriously need to broaden my horizons travel-wise. This market and food looks exotic and fantastic!


Wah, how I could tuck into a couple of those nasi lemak, a plate of real, charcoal-fired CKT, and a couple of apom!

itch, itch, itch...


mbe - sorry!

teckiee - truth to tell we didn't get a chance to try the vinegared fish. Next trip - it's one of my favorites.

Kevin - if you're into food Penang is the place to be and, first thing in the morning, P Tikus market is a cornuccopia of deliciousness!

Nate - you and me both. Remember, we're in KL. Nothing here comes close to the Penang versions of your wish list.


I was back there in 2005 after almost 10 years away. You captured exactly what I saw and felt! Not too sure about the vinegared fish but I had some "perut ikan" which is essentially pickled fish guts made into a curry-type stew with tons of vegt and herbs. It is better than it sounds!


My family is also from Penang and they go to the Pulau Tikus market too. But they don't only go there to buy food, the market is also a place to exchange gossip. That is the ohter attraction of the market. Penang still a small town in many ways.


LMF - I think this is the case for most markets, even the huge ones in urban areas. At Pudu market you still see pple gossiping (or, I imagine they are) over coffee. One of the cool things about wet markets - it's about more than just the food.


Dear Robyn and David

Fantastic article and photos. I'm hooked on your writing/articles & photos. Very professionally and tastily done. I took a friend to Pulau Tikus market during my trip to Penang in late May this year. Not a lot have changed since I first when there with my parents. I'm a Penangite but now living in Auckland. I trully loved the market, the life and atmosphere. There are shops and vendors operating since my grandparent's days.

Penang is the best for food !!!!

All the best.


Leonard - Penang really is hard to beat. We fall in love with it a bit more with every visit. And we've barely scratched the surface.
Thanks for you compliment and for your readership!


You both are the most fortunate people in the world. Go everywhere eat everything - aiyah what a life.
Thanks for the Pulau Tikus article- it really is what you say. Heaps to eat n cheap too.
We go back there every year from Perth so please keep all the interesting eating places coming. Cheers


ep - you are right. We are pretty lucky. Well fed, at least. ;-) We have heaps more to post from Penang and we'll keep going back. So stay tuned.

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