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Sui Mai

I'm so hungry now looking at your photo. Excuse me while I go get a napkin to wipe off the drool on my keyboard.


Good work.

If you're keen to read the full text online, try http://online.wsj.com/article/SB119075618625939123.html?mod=googlenews_wsj


It definitely takes a good bit of self control to not over-indulge in lechon's crispy skin! The key is to eat near the table on which the lechon is served, then you can sneak more skin when no one is looking;)


Stunning photo. I wish I could just reach in and pick that perfect piece of pork skin right off.

BTW, we went to the Roli Roti truck at SF Ferry Building Farmer's Market last Saturday. Will blog about it in a later post. Suffice to say, it was a *really* good piece of pork! Thanks for letting us know about it.


Hi Robyn and David,

Speaking as a Filipino, looking at your picture is causing a Pavolvian response in me. A serious drooling and burning desire for roasted pork.

Thanks for delaying my move toward becoming a vegan once again. Maybe next month? :P


they look kind of familiar , except the name ! right color right cuts


Few things can evoke a happier response from a Filipino than the mention of lechon! :)


Siu Mai - yes, lechon is certainly sth to drool over!

Thanks Phil, for the link too.

Marvin - obviously you've worked hard at developing some strategies. Thx for the tip!

Nate - look forward to your porchetta post!

Franco - I think the Philippines would be a very hard place to be a vegan. Giving up pork is one thing .... but to never allow oneself a bit of fish sinigang or kinilaw? Pure torture!

Bayi - so true.


It's a really REALLY good thing that I have no idea where to get some of that pork in California. I'd be so very round...


Yes! This is something that is truly a religion for some of us Filipinos, myself included! :) Few things come close to cracking the perfectly crispy skin of a just off the fire lechon...This is heaven on earth for me :) Ooooh! Your post is making me all warm and fuzzy inside :)


Chubbypanda - well, I've heard that it's available in your neck of the woods, should you get the urge....

Joey - spoken like a true believer! I think I have yet to experience the ULTIMATE lechon. But I did sample some very nice ones doing the research for the article.


Hi, I am interested with Aling Meng's address in Bulacan or in Glorietta. I would like to know more about the the homemade ice cream using carabao's milk. A certain Badong have a blog regarding the ice cream last February. Thank you in advance.


I read your article in the Weekend Journal! I was really drooling :) I can imagine the crispness of the skin...

In Mindanao, lechon is made with lots of lemon grass and an herb we call "sangig" which I don't know the English or Tagalog name.

Funchess Searcy

Yummy Lechon! It's my all-time favorite food. It's super yummy. Cebu's Lechon is the best!

Sinkler Plunkett

Wow! Lechon. The all time favorite food of the Philippines. Nothing can compare you.

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