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New Kid on the Blog

Nice and great pics....


I think the 'green thing parking along the curb' is not the famous SF cable car??? I think it is just a bus that run on electric?

The cable car has fixed rails.


... continue from other post

the rails for the cable car runs along the middle of the road if I am not mistaken. AND they are brown???


A trip to SF is in our future - so cool to see some shots. That photo of the tomatoes is astonishing!


NKotB - thanks.

Cindy - well, good question. This vehicle runs on fixed tracks (you can barely make them out in the photo) up and down the middle of the Embarcadero. Traffic, including, buses, run alongside. Perhaps I should call it a tram instead. Thanks.

Kevin - don't miss this market. And go hungry!


Nice pictures-yes, the SF Farmers Market is wonderful!!!


The green streetcar is car # 1015 on the historic F-Line running along the Embarcadero:


It is not a cable car (the above article never claimed it to be such) but an electric-powered light rail car.


Elle - the thing is, it's only one of many wonderful ones in the Bay Area.

Nate - thanks for that. Would you believe we lived in the Bay Area (albeit across the bridge) for about 8 yrs? Shame on me. I guess we've been gone too long.


Ahhh. Dave's pictures make the place look even more beautiful than it already is.

Can you tell I'm "home"-sick already?


Jennifer - you'll just have to dig hard in Madison to find something equally as wonderful. But yes - I know what you mean!

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Wow looks absolutely amazing. Ive been planning a tour of the US and this blog has been really helpful so far. Thanks! :)

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The 2nd picture looks just like it has been shot 20yrs ago or that the time stood still :)

Love it

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