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Wow, I wish I would have thought of that too! My filipino grandmother would make a good contributor for this. Thanks for those links.


Marvin - do drop Pat a line. I'm sure she'd love to have your grandmother's contributions.

mary shaposhnik

We'll have to see if she can use posthumous submissions. I mean, not recipes spelled out on a Ouija board, but descendents saying, "this is how she said she always cooked x..."? Though that's tricky, because I am sure some grandmas took their secret ingredient to the graves.

In which Yunnanese restaurant was this lovely idea hatched?


Mary - I'm sure posthumous would work. You know, 'Grandma Bee Yin's Special Nyonya Chicken Curry' or something like that.
The idea had been hatched long before we met ... but was discussed at Chicago's Spring World restaurant, which has been lauded on the Chowhound Chicago board (frequent commenter RST arranged a group dinner for us there a couple years ago - heavy on dried Yunnan wild mushroom - pretty unforgettable!).

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