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Fermented durian paste...?

You can have my share. I'll just get a 2nd chicken.


Sigh! I haven't been home for a Hari Raya in more years than I care to count. It was always fun to jostle with all the muslims buying food home to break fast. I truly miss ayam percik (the one dish I enjoyed mostly during this time of the year) and all the little kuihs that could be had that you wouldn't find at other times. Sometimes it's the memories you evoke that are hardest to bear (the taste memories are especially frustrating because I can *almost* just taste them again but at the same time leaving this empty pang). Wishing there was a way some of that atmosphere and food could be transported here.


Nate -- haha. It's tastier than you might think. One of those ingredients that is pretty gross on its own, but when combined with other ingredients... (like budu)

Annie - yes, we love Ramadan and Hari Raya too. Hard to find the same atmosphere outside Malaysia ... even Indonesia is not quite the same.


I googled Ayam golek to see if I could make the rub...and I don't recognize half the ingredients listed. I have some learning to do.


Hari Raya Idul Fitri.... I miss it. I have been celebrating Idul Fitri without ketupat, gulai kambing, koyah kedelai, sambal goreng ati for 2 years


Hi Robyn,
The kuih is not badap berendap. It is badak berendam. Badak = hippo, berendam = soaking. As hippos are wont to do. Heh.

I love the picture of the smiling trio. The little girl's and boy's smiles are adorable.


Selamat Hari Raya, Robyn! I think the kuihs you're referring to were Nekbat - but yes sometimes pronounced netbug in the east coast. The other one is Badak Berendam - literally Soaking Hippo (rhino perhaps more appropriate).


food looks delish! Fish with tempoyak? I hv yet to taste that. I think tempoyak is not really fermented. My late grandmother used to make it using fresh durian and added loads of salt then keep it in a jar. Its more like preserved durian I'd say. But then again, im not sure how the Malays do it :)

Oh, btw, I cant be 100% sure, but i think that dessert is called 'badak berendam' which loosely translates to soaking hippopotamu'. The round balls are supposedly the 'badak' or hippopotamus, i think.


Kevin - I suspect the ingredients were in Malay (serai=lemongrass, lengkuas=galangal, etc.). There are not really any ingredients in ayam golek that are much different from, say, Thai food.
Which makes me think ... maybe I should have a go at it!

Pepy - I feel your pain! Ramadan bazaars (and Deepvali fairs) are something we look forward to here in KL every year. Hard to keep the extra kilos off those 4 wks!

Hi Lisa - the sign says 'netbug' ... where are they pronounced netbak? These were a bit too sweet for me, to tell the truth.

IcedNyior - yes, perhaps 'preserved' is a better term for tempoyak than 'fermented'. For the fish, the tempoyak was pounded with chilies and then spread on the fish as it was on the barbie. It really did look and smell delicious ... but we had bought too much food already. Next year!

Cempakasari - thanks, correct name noted in the post. Those kids were very sweet indeed.

Diane skrocki

Thank you selamet Hari Raya for the most unexpected vacation that you yourself through your well written words and mouthwatering beautifuly colorful photographs have just guided me along. I was fascinated with not only your description of the different foods but also how you seemed to encapsulate everything from how ramadan and how even the mosque handed out burbur lumbuk to the people. Oh what a different world is malaysia ! ! !
Thank you once more....~~Dee


Hello Robyn,
Yes I noted the sign. they are pronounced Netbak (k is soft or maybe even *g*) in the east coast. Pronounciation of similar words can be very confusing in the east coast - in Terengganu for instance they add *g* to every word ending with *N* whereas in Kelantan, they pronounce words ending with *n* as *ay* for instance ikan in terengganu becomes ikang and in kelantan ike (ikay).
Another popular kuih in the east coast - Akak is pronounced Akok in both states (and some parts of Pahang and Johor too).
Most of the kuihs in the east coast are tooo sweet. In fact some of their savoury dishes are sweet too.
I miss Ramadhan and Raya in Malaysia - hope to spend them there next year. I haven't been home for raya for 2 years now *sobs*.


Dee - you're welcome, and welcome to Eating Asia!

Lisa - thanks. Yes, we drove up the east coast from Kuantan to Kelantan a couple yrs ago and found much sweetness, in savory dishes too. The ayam percik sauce in Kota Baru was just too sweet for me. That said, we also found much deliciousness and I'd love to spend more time fully exploring Terangganu and Kelantan. We had the most wonderful putu piring (putu herba), with fenugreek, in Kelantan...
Sounds like you need to plan to be in Msia next year for Ramadan and Raya...


hi there, i was born, study, work, married n still stay in temerloh. my kampung is only 10 mnts drive from the town itself. i really enjoy reading ur blog bout our bazaar ramadhan. just to share with u, that ayam golek guy, his name is othman, nick name abang man or brother man, sold more than 100 ayam golek per day last ramadhan, it only cost him RM10 per ayam, n he can get at least RM4-5 profit. u do the counting... good ha... and i love his ayam golek too... delicious, the best in temerloh... keep up writing bout temerloh. need more info, just email me ok... food love


Hi Jay - thanks for your comment, we may take you up on that. We've been meaning to get back to the pekan sehari, it's been almost two years since our last visit! We think Temerloh is great, sort of an unknown gem only 2 hrs from KL.

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