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Thanks so much for this post! Stuffed bangus is one of my favorites that my mom makes. I've always wanted to try and make it myself, but the process of taking the meat out and then restuffing seemed so difficult. Your version looks much easier and just as tasty!


Yum! The first picture makes me want to have rellenong bangus this early in the morning (and yes I've had them for breakfast, mostly leftover from parties the night before.)


Hi, you have very nice photos & I like your site! Keep it up!


yummm... we do this at home too! our variation on this one is this:

marinate the bangus in dark soy sauce (silver swan, kikkoman), kalamansi juice, garlic and onions

lay the marinated bangus (milkfish) on the foil butterflied belly up

season the white marinated meat with black pepper

then, place a row of sliced white onions on one side of the belly and tomatoes on the other side (last time, we tried pimientoes and it tasted great)

fold the fish and wrap the foil around it

grill until so desired

yummm... goes well with sinamak (bacolod's spiced vinegar)

you ought to make your own sinamak: empty bottle + chillies + peppercorns + ginger + garlic + pour cane/palm vinegar on top.... let it ferment... enjoy!



Absolutely amazing. Thanks for the recipe. Wonder if it'll work with trout?


Nate- yes trout would work, we often use it as a bangus substitute here in South America, although you would have to grill it longer as trout tends to be a lot meatier.


When is the best day to visit Salcedo Market? Is it open everyday? I'm from the Philippines but live here in Los Angeles. I always go on vacation in the Philippines


Marvin - you're welcome. I love bangus too -- but wouldn't want to attempt deboning it myself.

Renato - fish for breakfast is not a problem. In fact, there's not much that I wouldn't eat for breakfast, as long as it is tasty!

MyF - thanks and welcome!

Juls - we've got some cane and palm vinegar ... I may give that sinamak a try!

Nate - I would definately do it with trout.

cd3 - thanks for stepping in. I was busy stuffing my mouth in Penang for a few days. ;-)

danney - Salcedo is Saturday only, from about 7a-2:30. A lot of stuff is starting to sell out by noon, though. Go hungry - you can spend an entire morning eating there!


There's a variation on the lechon at the Salcedo Market where the pig is prepared in such a way as to resemble peking duck. it's butterflied, roasted, fried and eaten wrapped in a pancake with hoisin and spring onions and if you close your eyes, it's as if you're eating one and the same. And you're right about going hungry and spend the whole day eating-- exactly what i did last time i was in manila and it was one of the highlights of my two week trip.


Thanks for this lovely post! I am a resident of Makati and I go to Salcedo market as often as I can :) I haven't tried the particular rellenong bangus/stuffed bangus there but I will now (bangus is one of my favorite fish...have you tried it smoked? Tinapang bangus)!

It was so nice to see this post today :)


ADB - I've heard about prichon, and mentioned it in our Wall Street Journal Asia article on lechon, but didn't get around to it at Salcedo ... after sampling both the Cebuano and Luzon versions of the pig, a few bud-bud, some tsokolate, more than a few piaya, and this fish, I just didn't have room (if you can imagine that). Next time! ;-)

Joey - I hesitate to hold up my Philippine food recommendations to the scrutiny of Filipinos ... hopefully you'll find this version up to snuff. We certainly enjoyed it.


cd3, salcedo mkt is open only every saturday I think from 7 am to 2 pm

Bubbles Dela Cruz

Hello there.
Could anyone help me find the organizer of the Salcedo Market? because we want to ask the organizer to put one in our place. Thanks a lot.

Aurora AbudeSchaefrer

Hello Kababayans & Phil. friends,
Like most Filipinos living outside the Phil., we in Germany/Europe hope for ready to eat Phil. foodstuffs. It is a fact that
our Phil. cuisine is different from other
Asians, because of our multi-cultural heritage. Hence we have different taste. "Bangus" of course and "Bagoong Alamang, Daing, Phil. Mangoes, Pili Nuts are definitely ours. Leyte is currently processing "Boneless Bangus", hopingly they can export soon, inasmuch as the current supply do not reach us here. I read at the Google search : Eastern Visayas Click rdc8.ph about this with the assistance of
a Japanese Investor.
Well, if we can buy our ethnic food outside
the Phil., this will also help our poor
"Kababayans" there. Everybody will be happy.
Best wishes!!!

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