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Ok - I need to book the next flight to Kuching now!

Hmmm, the description of Mr X makes him sound like The Noodle Nazi sorta like The Soup Nazi in Seinfeld.


Shiewie - and I haven't even gotten to laksa yet!
Mr. X is actually OK. He's loud all right, and can be a bit gruff, but he does smile on occasion (seriously though - *do* observe protocol!!) and does take care of his customers ... sort of a grizzly with a heart of gold.


Ahh kolok mee..the love of my life (or stomach actually). Pretty hard to find a decent substitute here in KL/PJ.

You must try the Sarawak Laksa and also the sio bee - thats what the Sarawakians call their siu mai - the meaty things in dimsum.

Hv fun in kuching. I miss home :)


Your description of Mr.X is spot on, he terrified my sister and I so much when we visited the little stall!


*whimper* Pork... Stupid high cholesterol... Wants it we's does, precious.


IcedNyior - there's a decent version in PJ New Town, do you know it? The noodles are excellent but admittedly it does lack this superior versions super lardiness.

Chubby - cholesterol chlomesterol ... a little lard now and then won't hurt.

Di - he's a sheep in wolf's clothing. ;-)


I miss those days when i grew up in KCH. Its a must to go to Min Joo weekly. When i finished my studies in high skool i was a assumed the position of a delivery boy for a local bakery. I swing by there EVERYDAY for lunch for a period of 2 months!

We all in KCH dont really know the name of the shop coz when u arrive, u'll be eyeing for a vacant seat like a hawk. Let alone look around. So we all normally nickname the place 'Tua Pui Soh'(fat aunty).

The soup....Heavenly! Even when my parents come over to KL its compulsory to tapau for me. Mr X knows who i am also coz i really grew up eating his good-stuff. I rarely go back to KCH now....even typing this comment makes me salivate! Damn!

I can only sum up this shop in my way.....


Adrian - EVERYday for 2 months? That is pretty hardcore, I'm not sure even I could handle that much lard and pork parts 60 days in a row!

Did you name the place 'fat aunty' for the, um, fat aunty who looks just like Mr. X, right down to the hair cut? (We wondered if she was his mother).

Great story, thanks for sharing. Sounds like you need a quick trip back to KUC for a bowl of kolok mee...



We Kuching people nickname her 'fat aunty'. Everyone knows 'fat aunty'. And yes she is Mr X's mother. She used to run the show like Mr X. Now she's frail so she just basically sits.

Yes....for 2 straight months everyday for lunch. My mom actually banned me from going there when i started to grow sideways. But now i crave for it. Even still drooling writing this reply! >.< :P``````

Mama Bok

Drooling ..! big time...!
Mr X sounds like the soup Nazi.. ;)


wow nice...heaven..i suggest you should try the laksa in Kingtop just opposite Hilton Hotel(behind Riverside).Available midnight till morning.the best seriously!oh how i miss my hometown now...Food in Switzerland are just plain boring..and i miss the Bishop's Gate kolo mee too.and i found it here!

Kuching boy

Makes me miss home. Must be 5 yrs since I last step there. Recommended a few KL friends and they got hooked. btw Kuching nites, there's a great kuching QQ kolo mee store at restoran 2020 pandan indah (opposite hong leong) you must try. QQ Kolo mee is made locally by a serian fellow. His kuching laksa is quite good as well. Opens 8.30am - 10pm sometimes midnite depending on crowd.

traveling malaysia

anti-vegan mean anti vegetarian? all meat?


Jinx - we'll keep your suggestions in mind for next visit to Kuching. Thanks!

Kuching Boy - do you mean Jalan Pandan Indah? We know the area but we'll need a street!

traveling malaysia - yes. The only bit of veg is seaweed and preserved/salted mustard. Which is why it's amusing that the place calls it 'vegetable soup'.


usually people call Mr.x as ah kok..


One of the best bowls of noodles in Kuching. ^^

Just found out i know who owns the shop as well.xD

vanessa chong


My name is vanessa chong, I'm the editor of LIghthouse magazine, a magazine published by University of Western Australia, Perth. Do you mind if I use one of your delicious food pics for the publication? I can send you a free copy of the magazine when it comes out. If you want, I can send you a softcopy of the article that this picture will be in too.


Greetings from Michigan, U.S.A.! I'm a Kuchingite studying here and missing the great food back home. Ah, reading this post... I can just imagine the days I too used to fight to get a place at Min Joo (somehow tapau is not the same)!

Really enjoying the pictures and detailed commentary. Keep posting!


Seraph - small world! We both grew up in Michigan. Whereabouts are you? Thanks for your comment.


Yummy, I been there before. You should go and try, I believe you like it. Specially, the kolok mee and the soup.....

Min Joo FC

The best kolok mee in kch right now..... 4 me lah....


To all Min Joo Fans out there - they've moved their stall next door already and it called quite appropriately - "Cafe Next Door"!!! LOL


The kolo mee there is very nice
I eat it before......Nyummy......


wa... MR X is uncle liew ler.. his aunt how takes orderis even more NAZI than him.. the hour of waiting is really worth it..
a bowl of "cheng" yummo!!!! love it..
ah... makes me wanna eat it now..


uncle liew?? fyi, d surname is lau and he is known as ah kok....be nice to him n he'll be nice to you. ahh...he is d clown of d family...i miss kolo mee....so much joy n fun in this lil "sauna"

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