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Either that or the most frustrated. =)


Chubby - haha. This dog was unbelievably blase. For the 15 or so minutes that we were hanging around outside the pork shop, watching guys walk in with whole sides of hog, right past the dog, he (she?) never moved, sometimes snoozing, sometimes lazily watching the goings on. Seemed completely jaded to the presence of all that meat around!
I couldn't even bring my own dogs within 15 feet of that shop without them going absolutely beserk!


I recall seeing a neighborhood butcher with half a pig hanging in his garage, waiting for sales. No refrigeration, obviously, and flies everywhere. I imagine that this is just the way it's done in Malaysia, but do you know what the health regulations are regarding refrigeration of pork?


Nate- health regulations? ;-0 Well, yes, that is the way it's done in Malaysia (for fish and chicken and beef and lamb too), but for all the times I've bought pork etc at my favorite wet markets I can't recall ever seeing flies everywhere (if I did, I wouldn't buy from that vendor). I think that - at busy markets and the stalls of good vendors, anyway - that stuff moves so fast it doesn't have time to go bad. At the meat stalls, for instance, parts will be hanging and set out on the counter, and extra kept in a cooler. We can buy any meat at the supermarket of course - but it just can't match in quality that from a good stall at the wet market.


is wrong already ....
no this dog la....
hav another dog....look like...^o^ u know la...hahaha....

i'm this dog's master
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now we dog said the dog ....no said the pork shop... Robyn my house is a shop not like a ...."with half a pig hanging in his garage, waiting for sales. No refrigeration, obviously, and flies everywhere....." sorry...we just can do more sanitation ....u know la....^_^...if all hanging there pig can rosak la....business not easy 2 do

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