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That kid is too cute! I am so drawn to his smile and his eyes. Great picture! And stop posting noodles--I'm going to need a bib soon sitting here reading your posts and drooling big time!


"hanging our heads in the yolky steam that rose from our bowls"

Oh, I totally know what you mean. I can imagine sticking my head in that yolky steam too and just letting the aromas curl around and into my head.

*snifffff* hmmmmm...


Excellent photos! Excellent as usual, but I really love these, especially the noodles set out to dry. Now am hungry... will try that recipe soon enough. :)


Oh gods, those look good. Black vinegar and a few fresh chilies would about go it for me.


Annie - he's a natural! Other than putting the noodles in his mitts Dave didn't even coach him. Very, very cute.

Nate - time to start making your own mee...

Megamom - let us know how you like the recipe. It's a fave of ours.

Chubby - nothing beats a superior noodle in my book.


The boy in the top photo is so cute and sweet.
His expression is so natural, young and simple.
Great job!!

And good luck for all the people.

Account Deleted

thats me =]

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