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How interesting. I hadn't heard of this drink before today. I love learning about new things like this. I thought the drink in the cup looked very thirst-quenching with it's ice-cube and straw.


Rosie - this was new to us to. Very refreshing indeed. Thanks for your comment.


You can be very sure that the vessels used to harvest and to store air nira nipah are squeakily clean as the slightest bit of contamination would precipitate the process of fermentation or worse, cause the entire batch to "turn". This is the same case with the delicious but unstable aguamiel from the maguey plant (which is made into maguey nectar and of course pulque).


RST - certainly. Though we did find an insect floating in one of our bottles of vinegar. ;-) Wonder if we leave these vinegars aside if they will mellow a bit, or become more fermented.
BTW got a link for aguamiel (is that 'honey water'?)?

Nilmy Atha

I heard that cuka nipah may be used to cure kidney stone. Can anyone who have heard this clarify how it is used. Thanks

Felicity Tan

The fresh air nira taste refreshing with ice. Cost about RM2.50 for a bottle of 325ml fresh air nira. The Nira Cuka cost RM2 for a 325ml. Nira Cuka = nira enzyme = alkaline. Good for kidney stone n reduce high blood pressure.


How I miss Nira here in South Africa.. :(

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