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Rasa Malaysia

You are right. The best nyonya food is definitely home-bound. Isn't acar hu one of the best things in the world? It looks like she didn't make it with Cheah Hu, which is probably the best fish for Acar hu. Ask her the next time. I learned making it from my aunt during my CNY trip earlier this year. Also, it doesn't look like she sells perut ikan. Anyway, I found a stall that sells only perut ikan in Jelutong wet market, I could smell it just passing by and realized it was perut ikan. Seems promising. ;)


Beautiful photos, great-looking blog, and fascinating commentary. Glad I found you!


Bee - she does several versions, one with cheah hu (I believe). I prefer the whole fish version but we chose the fillet for ease of eating (we didn't have a spoon and fork, just a flimsy plastic spoon). She did have perut ikan - but we were full by the time we found out! Must try your find at Jelutong. Next trip. When are you gonna share your recipe?

Hi Ann - thank you, and welcome! We like comments...


acar sounds a lot like achara of the philippines... papayas, ginger in a sugar+vinegar pickling agent


Amazing photographs! That nasi ulam sounds and looks soooo good.


You know, all those grub on display contain so much ingredients it's just confusing...Sometimes I find myself chomping on something yummy, but haven't the faintest idea as to what it is hahaha. Like on my recent trip to a Orang Asli settlement..


julsitos: And about "daun ciku" - "ciku" is the Malaysian pronunciation of "tsiko".

Also, I've heard somewhere that the name "acar"/"atsara" is of Indian origin. Can someone support this claim?


tried my luck at the pulau tikus market two days in a row to try her nasi ulam since i'm in town but heard from a neighboring hawker that she no longers sell nyonya food there as she's moved to Canada to be with her daughter.

Pity. Was looking forward to it too!


Anyone have a recipe for curried skate wing in banana leaf? This hawker food is popular in KL. TIA

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